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Lead magnets are one of the best ways to get people to sign up to your mailing list. You’ll often hear this mentioned in the online marketing community, “The money is in the list.” Many successful marketers stand by this saying. So, if you want people to subscribe to your list, you’re going to learn how to use lead magnets.

Now, technically lead magnets are ‘bribes.’ This is because you’re basically ‘bribing’ people to give up their contact details, such as their email addresses or phone numbers, in exchange for your lead magnet.

You can, of course, just put up a sign on your website asking people to enter their name and email address or any other info you want. However, people are going to ask, “Why should I give you my details?” or “What’s in it for me?”

And this is where the magic of lead magnets come in. When you offer people a ‘bribe’ they can’t resist, something so valuable and so useful to them, they’re going to be so much more willing to give up their contact info.

They’ll tell themselves, “I really, really need this eBook or this guide. The information is really useful. I can’t believe they’re only asking for my email address in exchange for this life-changing information!”

Do you see what happened there? People are more easily convinced to follow your call to action if you give them what they want!

There are many kinds of lead magnets you can use. The most common ones you’d see on the Internet are downloadable PDF eBooks, reports, white papers, checklists, etc. You’ll also see some brands offering email courses or video courses in exchange for people’s email addresses!

To find out what the best lead magnet is for your brand, you may need to do some split testing. The important thing to note is that the best lead magnets answer people’s pain points. Ideally, it shouldn’t be something they can easily Google the answer to.

Go all out on your lead magnets. Make it valuable and rewarding enough, so that your audience will feel like they really have no choice but to give up their contact details!

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a popular way of getting new people to learn more about your brand and your business. You’re essentially publishing your content on someone else’s website. You get instant exposure to highly targeted traffic, and you’re able to immediately expand your network (basically widening your content marketing funnel!).
Now, guest blogging may sound easy. But there’s a ton of work that happens behind the scenes. For instance, not all your target sites may accept guest posts. You would need to look for sites that are highly relevant to your own industry.

You need to have a good track record, too. This means you’re not going to get accepted as a guest blogger if no one knows who you are. So, you need to have published some valuable blog posts on your own site (or others) to even make other webmasters consider your request.

You can easily point them to your portfolio. From there, they can see for themselves if you got what it takes to contribute to their website.

When pitching your request to webmasters, you need to do your research. You should check if they have content guidelines. You also need to know what kind of content their audience likes. Think of yourself as someone who regularly writes for that site and cares for their audience.

Getting your guest post request approved is the hardest part. You’re probably not going to hear back from most of the sites you reach out to. But, once you get over that hump, and you start working on your content, then that’s where the real fun begins!

Some sites have strict editorial guides you need to follow. For instance, you can only use one link all throughout the post, or that it needs to have a certain number of words, or you can only link to your site via the author box.

You’d need to take all these into consideration, and figure out how you can write your content in such a way that people will be curious enough to want to know more about you. This will make people want to head on over to your site and become part of your community.

Target long-tail keywords

One of the foundations of a successful content marketing strategy is blogging. And when it comes to blogging, the longer and more valuable the content, the better it will be for your content’s SEO. When your content is SEO optimized, then you’ve got better chances of ranking high up on search engines.

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