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Table of Contents

Introduction … 5
Chapter 1: What are Healthy Habits? 8
What Matters the Most in Life . 8
Health is Wealth … 11
What Makes a Habit Healthy? . 12
Chapter 2: Lifestyle Choices .. 16
Making the Best Personal Decisions . 16
Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices ….18
How to Break Free from Harmful Habits .. 20
Chapter 3: Work-Life Balance …. 23
What is Work-Life Balance? … 23
Benefits of Work-Life Balance 24
How to Slow Down in the Modern World . 27
Chapter 4: Getting the Best out of your Daily Routines . 32
Focus on the Meaning or Benefits …. 32
Make them Fun …. 33
Be at the Center … 34
Optimize your Strength . 35
Think about the Future . 35
Leverage your Peak Energy Period .. 36
Chapter 5: Health and Fitness Tips . 39
Focus on your Mental Health . 39
Start your Day with Exercise .. 40
Maintain Ideal Mobility and Flexibility Levels …. 41
Leverage Flexibility and Mobility Workouts … 41
Strength Train and Lift Heavy 42
Check your BMI … 43
Keep Healthy Bodyweight and Bodyfat Levels…. 43
Eat Balanced Diets…. 44
Chapter 6: Healthy Diet Hacks … 46
Reduce Carb Intake .. 46
Shop with a List … 46
Limit your Consumption of Sodas and Milkshakes . 47
Have Protein-Rich Breakfasts 48
Consume High-Fiber Foods …. 49
Eat More Fruits and Vegetables .. 49
Avoid Excess Sugar … 50
Consume More Healthy Fats .. 50
Eat More Home-Made Foods .. 51
Walk More … 51
Focus on your Food When Eating …. 52
Chapter 7: How to Get More Quality Sleep 54
Benefits of Restorative Sleeps 54
Tips for Getting Better Sleep .. 58
Chapter 8: Benefits of Drinking More Water . 62
Joint Lubrication . 62
Formation of Saliva and Mucus… 63
Reduction in Chance of a Hangover. 63
Weight Loss 64
Enhances Performance During Exercise … 64
Prevention of Kidney Damage 66
Accessibility of Minerals and Nutrients 66
Supports the Airways …. 67
Maintenance of Blood Pressure … 67
Regulation of Body Temperature 68
Conclusion …. 69

Sample Content Preview

Many people say the above maxim is almost becoming a cliché and losing its relevance. Nevertheless, it remains an important truthful statement that you can only treat with levity at your own peril. Health is wealth and there is no doubt about that. At least, you need it to make wealth. You cannot go to work if you are sick unless it is very minor. Even when it is minor, you will still find it difficult to be at your best when you don’t have sound health.

Moreover, you need to be healthy to enjoy your success. What is the point of making all the money only to spend it on sickness? You should take an “excursion” to the hospital once in a while to learn some vital lessons in life.

There are many rich people in the hospital who are there battling for their lives. They have money but they don’t have the sound health that money cannot buy.

The fact that you can afford an expensive meal doesn’t mean that you should buy it. You should consider the health implications of the things you consume rather than their prices. Success is only worth it when you are in good health and can enjoy it with the people that mean the world to you. What Makes a Habit Healthy? We will end this section by identifying the qualities of healthy habits in order to help you identify them and avoid destructive ones. Healthy habits have the following attributes.

Beneficial to the Individual in the Long Run

It is crucial to mention that a habit should be beneficial in the long run before it can be considered to be healthy. There are many things we do that gratify our desires in the short run but are disastrous in the long run. For example, smoking settles the desire to feel calm in the short run. However, it affects the lung and other parts of the body eventually.

So, if a habit cannot make you stay healthy in the long run, you shouldn’t let the short-term benefits blindfold you. Lack of consideration for the future consequences of an action will only bring tears and regrets eventually.

Beneficial to Others

When something is beneficial to you but hurts others, it’s not a good habit. We have to be conscious about how our actions affect the people around us. This is the reason the government of some nations restricts the activities of industries. The fact that a company is boosting the economy and raking in a lot of money doesn’t mean it has the freedom to jeopardize our health. We should apply the same principle when evaluating our habits. For example, sexual promiscuity might make you feel good immediately.

Nonetheless, it will hurt your partner emotionally when he or she finds out. In some cases, it might even affect the person physically if you infect him or her with sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex.

Beneficial to your Physical and Mental Health

It’s in your best interest to consider how your actions affect both your physical and mental health. If a habit affects your mental health negatively, it will eventually take its toll on your physical health, and vice versa. So, the fact that an action doesn’t have a direct impact on your physical health doesn’t mean it is right for you. For example, you might be doing a job that doesn’t demand too much from you physically. Nonetheless, if you are told to do unethical things that don’t align with your conscience, you’ll not be happy.

The feeling of dissatisfaction will become more intense when you realize that your activities are hurting people. If you keep having negative emotions, it can affect the way you take care of your physical health. For example, when you’re not in a good mood, it’s not likely that you have an appetite. The desire to exercise or enjoy sex if you are married might become affected. So, a good habit doesn’t only have physical health benefits; it should also have mental health advantages.

Chapter 2: Lifestyle Choices

Life is a game of choices, and you have to choose wisely. We should never forget that we have the right to pick our choices but we don’t have the right to decide the consequences of our decisions.

Making the Best Personal Decisions

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your choices. Whatever you’re experiencing today is often a product of your previous investments. You don’t have to wait until you are sick before you start eating healthily and working out. You can choose to have a culture of having a healthy lifestyle to protect your health both in the short-term and long run. Note that you are always making a decision even when it seems as though you’re not doing anything. Indecision and choosing to do nothing are still choices.

You should be more deliberate about the choices you make because they all have consequences, which can be either positive or negative. For example, you shouldn’t just eat anything you can grab. It’s a wrong approach to feeding that can make you gain excess weight or jeopardize your health. An adage says, “You are what you eat”. Regardless of your perception of this statement, it’s not far from the truth.

Your choice of food and how you eat it affect several parts of your life, including your physique and overall health. Nonetheless, your feeding habit isn’t the only lifestyle choice you make. Your choice to commit to a daily workout or the decision to stay off will also bring its consequences.

Lifestyle Choices

A lifestyle choice refers to a personal and deliberate decision to carry out a behavior that may decrease or increase the risk of disease or injury. It’s likely that you have made lifestyle choices already. For example, if you have decided to take a walk for thirty minutes every day, it is a lifestyle choice. In the same way, if you have made the decision to stay away from alcohol, it is a lifestyle choice that will promote your wellbeing and help you avoid damaging consequences.

By deciding to avoid or reduce alcohol consumption, you are decreasing the chances of a car crash due to driving while drunk. You’re also reducing the risk of liver damage when you make this choice. Ultimately, you are decreasing the chances of dying early. Besides, the stigma that comes with being known as an alcoholic can take its toll on your mental health.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

Most of the lifestyle choices that have been mentioned so far are positive. However, there are negative ones too. They can cause devastating damages to the person that has this lifestyle and also the people around them. Below are examples of unhealthy lifestyle choices.


An example of a negative lifestyle choice is smoking. It is a major risk factor for different cancers, including lung cancer. Smoking doesn’t only affect the smoker; it also has destructive impacts on the people around the smoker. For example, the individuals around a smoker are also inhaling the smoke coming from the cigarette. So, they end up suffering the same or even worse health issues. If you smoke, you’re not the only one at risk. The people around you are also at risk because they are passive smokers.

Use of Firearms

The use of a firearm is also a dangerous lifestyle choice. It’s not safe, especially if you have issues with anger management. You could hurt others and also yourself on a day when you are frustrated. Indeed, it can help in selfdefense, especially in states where they are legal. Nonetheless, you should think twice before you procure one even if you are living in that kind of location. The fact that something is legal doesn’t mean it is good for you. Seek other alternatives that can help you apart from it.

Drug Abuse

If you have a habit of taking drugs without a doctor’s prescription or supervision, you are also playing a dangerous game. Drugs are chemical substances. Therefore, when you consume them, they will affect your body in ways you might never know. Most drugs have side effects. It’s only that some are mild. Still, some drugs have devastating side effects ranging from pregnancy complications to constipation.

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