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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

The Secrets of the Act of Persuasion    4
Measurement of Influence    6
Different styles of influencing    6
Natural Styles for influencing others    6
The Autocratic Approach    6
The Collaborative Approach    7
The Logical Approach    7
The Emotional Approach    7
The Assertive Approach    8
The Passive Approach    8
The Sales Approach    8
The Bargaining Approach    9
The Influence of Positive Behavior    10
Behaviors That Support the Influencing Process    10
Model Behavior    10
Reciprocity to Influence People    11
Understanding the Needs of People    12
Symbolic Rewards    12
Material Rewards    12
Security    12
How to Exercise Higher Influence    13
Listening is Important to Influence Others    15
How to Make Talking Effective    17
Get the Other Person’s Attention    17
Convey your Message Properly    17
Fill Your Message With Benefits.    17
Begin Conversation on Subject of Mutual Understanding.    17
Give Reasons of Your Requests    17
Change of Subject    17
Handling Defensive People    18
Criticize Action Not the Person    18
Don’t Accuse a Person for Defensive Behavior    18
Consider Your Mistakes    18
Solve the Actual Problem    19
Questioning and Listening May Help    19
Leave the Person Alone    19
How to Persuade People through Persistence    20
Make Use of Direct Statement    20
Repeat Request    20
Maintain Your Calm    20
Make a Commitment with Other Person    20
Stick to Commitment    20
How to Make a Compromise while influencing people    21
Place Your Demand Properly    21
Be Strong and Constant    21
Be Sure Before Making Compromise    21
Praise    21
Don’t Insult Others    21
Don’t Show Concern Yourself Only    22
Share Your Credit    22
Don’t Expect Help from Others    22
Show Appreciation    22
Avoid “Showing Up” Others    22
Give Importance to Small Problems    22
Care for Others    22
Criticize Others in Private    23
Give Proper Attention    23
Be Courteous and Tactful    23
Stay Confident    23
How to Convince People to Think like You    24
Criticism    24
Constructive Criticism    24
Don’t Criticize Too Much    24
Avoid Using the Words “Never” Or “Always”    25
Don’t Add Fun to Your Criticism    25
Avoid Making Comparison    25
Criticize a Person at Proper Time    25
Begin and End discussion with Sincere Praise    25
Give Positive Expectations to Others    25
Just Maintain Your Calm    26
Avoid Blaming Anyone Directly    26
Listen to the Story of Other Person    26
Try to Understand Actual Problem    26
Tell other Person that is essential    26
Consider Your Mistakes    26
Don’t Blame Anybody Directly    27
Method of Punishment    27
End Your Criticism with Praise    27
Improve Your Actions    27
Criticize Again, If Necessary    27
Make Use of Energy Force for Influencing People    28
How to Handle Useless Criticism    30
Give Consent to the Facts    30
Answering   to the Criticism    30
How to Make Most Out of Criticism    30
Take Feedback    30
Use Assumption to know Your Faults    30
Avoid Being Defensive    31
How to Make Friends    32
Introduce Yourself    32
Leading Questions    32
Tell About Yourself    32
How to Manage Negative Feedback    32
Win the Battle of Friendship    33
Conclusion    33

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The Secrets of the Act of Persuasion

A journey abroad provides one a great chance to complete the reading of one or two   books. I finished a famous book naming “Influence the Psychology of Persuasion” during my journey. Robert Cialdini has written this book. The reading of this book refreshed the memories of my lectures on social psychology. It is necessary for a manager, sales or marketing professional or a supervisor to read this book.

Almost all people attach the words ‘influence’ or ‘persuasion’ to method of marketing. On the other hand, influencing is the main aim of almost all the public functions. All the activities such as marketing, sales or administration are needed to put an effect on others at some occasion. The purpose of activities of marketing, sales or administration may be to persuade consumers, friends or social group to purchase, to act, to admit or to trust.     It generally aims at influencing customers, colleagues or friends to buy, to act, to accept or to believe in any item or any person. It requires a great skill to develop a quality to impress others or ability to influence others in fair way.

Cialdini in his book discusses six methods, which can be used to market any item, to persuade someone or to inspire any act. These methods include: reciprocation, consistency, likeability, authority and scarcity, commitment and consistency, social proof.

Let’s discuss these methods in brief:…

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