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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

SECTION 1: Meeting and Introducing the world and realities of “NANNIES!”     4-19

Overview and getting started: What are nannies and why are they needed? Why a book on hiring a nanny/’man’ny?        4
Decoding care-giving and care-givers                7
The Role-model and Standard            14

SECTION II: Considerations for Families and Those Looking to Hire A Nanny     20-44

Needs Assessment                    20
Fees, Costs and Affordability                  25
What and where to look for and find, hire and retain the BEST NANNY      30
Resources, what and where to partner with            36-44
Placement Agencies and Independents, Leads, Prospects and Sources

SECTION III: Practical Considerations, Issues and Implications, Guidelines, Secrets, TIPS and Recommendations        45-61

Criteria, Screening and Interviewing for a nanny
Issues of gender, bias and suitability                    52
Preparatory steps and planning                        54
Contractual Negotiations, Legalities, documents, medical, insurance, licenses, training/education (certification), background checks, visa/permit etc.                             56
Benefits, Risks and Rewards of Hiring a Nanny, Manny (or not) 57
Conclusion                                         59
Resources and Online Links                            59
An eclectic List of Recommended Readings            60-61

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SECTION 1: Meeting And Introducing The World And Realities Of “NANNIES!”

For the most part and by definition, in the strictest or broadest sense,  a nanny, is a child nurse, caregiver, part-time or full-time individual, with a specific role and responsibility when it comes to rearing kids and children within a family (not their own), on contract and per agreement,  that in effect and as part of their main responsibility – helps with all aspects of child-rearing and care of kids, babes, infants, toddlers, minors, school-going kids in families, on/for hire. Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and holistically speaking.

Traditionally or conventionally, a nanny or household specialty servant was there, reporting directly to the one in charge of the house. Their main responsibility the child/children in the home, including education, social customs, entertainment, manners and such. Mostly these roles were proudly held by females in the past, who are still in the majority in the profession. A champion and custodian of children in many eyes and households. With parents increasingly working outside of the home, this is a rising trend, even for working moms and dads who want to have it all, both career and family!

The term is inspired by the root-meaning of the word, grabbing back to nana, grandmother etc. who used to take care of the children in ‘old world’ contexts.

A nanny by modern definition, is for all intent and purposes,   a formally trained individual, female, rearing and supervising, looking after affluent individuals, executives, world-travelers, celebrities and such’ children , even doing some domestic tasks too (not always), also referred to an au pair sometimes, (but the difference being they are mostly untrained (again not always), and from a foreign country). Lines between these categories have been graying in recent decades.

You will need perseverance, insight, clarity, your wits, instinct and a good handle on the fundamentals of what a nanny is, what to look for, what to ask and determining suitability, education and more, in order to make the best selection for your household, kids and family.

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