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How It Works!

What would you do if you needed $1000 – $2000 by TOMORROW, and you didn’t see it scheduled to flow into your life.  That’s the question I recently asked myself because I am very often approached by people who “need” that amount of money for an “emergency.”  For some reason they frequently come to me.

After mulling it over, I decided to write this short special report with MY answer to that question.  On top of that, I decided to SELL this special report (for $5) to see if I could do exactly that… generate $1000 to $2000 in 24 hours.  That’s one of two reasons that I did not give this report away. The second reason is that often when you give someone something they do nothing with it, but if you charge them even a token fee, they feel more invested… more inclined to use it!

This report is my well-reasoned answer to that question, filtered through my personal experience.  It’s just one of many possible answers.    I did not want to give you too many options because generally when a person is given too many choices that leads to making no choice.

I’ve used this report to do exactly what it teaches – so it’s been proven to work!

There have been dozens of similar “guru emergency income plans” written over the years.  Many of these are compilations of experts sharing hypothetical plans, often concocted off the top of their heads.

This report is not just wild dreaming, but something I actually put to the test by writing and marketing this plan.

Let’s Start…

We begin by assuming that you want to know how to generate some quick cash but you have NO idea what you want to sell, or to whom.

Let’s begin by scanning online forums such as Warriors, and The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (assuming you’re in the Internet marketing niche).

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is member-only but membership is very inexpensive, and gives you access to some of the brightest minds on the face of  the planet!

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