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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Higher Power Basics
Chapter 2:
Learn to Be Aware
Chapter 3:
Learn Unity
Chapter 4:
Live From Love Not From Fear
Chapter 5:
Live In the Here and Now
Chapter 6:
Show Gratitude for Everything

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Chapter 2: Learn to Be Aware


After you understand the basics of a higher power and how important a higher power is in life it is time to move on to the next step which is to become aware of your higher power and how it is connected in all things in life.

Many people go through their daily lives and do not take the time to think about how connected everything is in life. Every opportunity in your life is presented to you by your higher power.

It is also important that you are aware of the fact that every decision you make on a daily basis will either negatively or positively affect the relationship and bond between you and your higher power. Keeping this in mind will surely help you make better decisions and will in turn lead to a better life.

Once again, different people have different beliefs on what a higher power really is. The following chapter will go over the importance of being aware of your higher power for both those who believe that a higher power comes in the form of a God and those who believe it comes from within.

Enhance Your Awareness

The following will go over the importance of becoming aware of your higher power and how it is connected with your life. As stated before we will go over both religious higher powers and those that come from within. Although, each are different in their own ways they are much alike at the same time.

Religious Higher Power Awareness

If you are a religious person you likely believe in some sort of God. Different religions believe in different Gods, they are all basically the same they just have different names. This God would be your higher power. It is important that you become connected with this God or higher power and that you are aware of its existence in your life at all times. You need to be aware of the fact that your higher power can see the decisions you make and the things you do on a daily basis, there is no hiding from your higher power.

You need to be aware of the role that your higher power plays in your life and the fact that your higher power is always in your heart. Your body should be thought of as a temple for your higher power as many believe it rests in your heart. The more you practice your religion the more your spiritual awareness will rise. You will notice in no time at all that your connection with your higher power is becoming stronger and stronger.

Inner-Self Higher Power Awareness

When it comes to the higher power that comes from within yourself it is important to remember that there are six planes of awareness. The planes are

• Transcendence

This is when a person who believes in an inner higher power comes to terms with the fact that the world and the entire universe is just what physics says it is, energy. You will begin to understand that all of existence including your personal nature is energy and a conscious spirit. You will also come to an understanding that the world is not as dense as it appears. It actually appears denser thanks to the concentration of energies. In this phase you will also learn that your thoughts and actions are energy that can directly impact the energy of your surroundings, whether it is a negative or positive impact. This will help you to make better decisions and practice better thought processes as you will truly understand the power of your energy and soul.

• Serene Knowledge

Once you have completed the first plane and have a complete understand of the universe and all of its energies you will be put into a state of extreme serenity. Everything will be clear to you and all things in life will make sense. Some may compare it to seeing the world clearly for the first time. Those who have experienced this say that they have finally come to peace and feel at home as if they belong. You must be careful though when experiencing this serenity because oddly enough, some people cannot handle the serenity and fall of course. For some reason many people tend to self-sabotage once they find true happiness as if they do not feel like they are worth happiness. You will notice that along with your serenity will comes a sense of peace.

• Universal Abundance

This is where you understand that all the courage you could ever need is readily available. You have the combined energy or the universe and your inner higher power to create unimaginable amounts of courage. You will be able to approach any situation in life with your head held high and you will know that the universe is always watching out for you. Of course some courage will still need to be summoned on your own but you will not have to do it alone.

• Your Vast Self

This is where your consciousness takes it to the next level and you learn to expand beyond yourself. You learn how to project your energies into the energies around you. You learn to let go of any egocentric mindsets you may have. Those who are able to achieve this sense of awareness know the exhilarating feeling it can provide when a person comes to terms with the fact that they are not confined to a body. Once you can achieve this you will fill with euphoria and a sense of knowledge that you have never had before.

• Integration

This happens when all other stages have been met. Integration is where a person begins to become comfortable with their new understandings of their higher power and their awareness of the universe. They begin to apply this thinking into their daily life and integrate it into everything that they do.

• Creative Mind

This is where you will begin to be tested on what you will do with the power that has been brought into your life by your higher power. What will you do with your new sense of awareness? Will you help people or will you only use it to better you own life? Ultimately, the choice is yours but ti is important to remember what your higher power and what the energies will think about your actions.

Chapter 3: Learn Unity


Learning to be united is very important when you are trying to connect with your higher power and build a relationship, no matter if it is a religious higher power or an inner one. You need to learn to be united with all things in life and not only your higher power. Through becoming united with everything in life you will find that your connection with your higher power is greatly strengthened.

You may not know where to start to become united with all things in life and that is understandable. The following chapter will shed light on the importance of unity and provide you with some ways in which you can become more united with the universe and your higher power.

Become United

Unity is absolutely crucial if you wish to ever achieve a true sense of happiness or a good connection with your higher power. You need to understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That is why you need to make sure that all links in your chain are strong and you do this by being united. You must try to unite with others and help them as this will help you along your spiritual journey.

In everything that you do in life you must be thinking of your higher power. Your higher power is like your guide through life. It is there to help you when you are in need and to show you the path when you are lost. That is why it is so important that you always remain united with you higher power. There are many people who choose to intentionally break the unity they have between their higher power and their self because they want to do things with their life that their higher power would not approve of. Do not do this because this is a sure set up for failure. As long as your life your life in accordance to the path your higher power has set you are sure to be happy and to live a fulfilling life.

The power of unity really cannot be matched. Being united with your higher power can be thought of as being an army and any problem you face can be thought of as a village, surely the army will have no difficult taking out a village. The same goes for you being united with your higher power. No problem will ever be too difficult to handle and even if things do not work out at first, times will get better and you will be rewarded for your faith.

There is no reason for you to try and do everything on your own. It is okay to ask for help from your higher power. Strength comes in numbers and you could not have a better ally than your higher power so it is advised that you begin building your unity with your higher power right away!

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