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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Basics on Spirituality
Chapter 2:
Identify Where Your Spirituality Has Issues
Chapter 3:
Understand Oneness
Chapter 4:
Calming Your Mind
Chapter 5:
Using Mantras
Chapter 6:
Using Yoga
Chapter 7:
The Benefits of Spirituality
Chapter 8:
Staying Motivated for Spirituality
Chapter 9:
Staying on Track
Chapter 10:
Making Resolutions for Spirituality

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Chapter 2: Identify Where Your Spirituality Has Issues


Can you use your spirituality to escape from your problems in life? Yes! It is possible. If you have problems in life, it doesn’t mean that your life is meaningless. Remember that there is always a solution for every problem. You just need to search for it and learn to move forward.

Where Are You Having Issues

To recognize your spirituality, ask yourself if you can relate to any of the following scenarios:

Don’t want paying attention to the real-world matters – It means that you prefer to be working on your personal or spiritual development.
You prefer to mingle with people who are very spiritual – Like others, you don’t want having friends who don’t share their world view.
Prefer to have a meditating for several hours
Spend more time on how to create your vision and find it hard to accept the things here on Earth.
You are an intuitive and grasp negative stuff

If you can relate to these situations or statements, it means that you are out of balance with your spirituality. To solve your problem, you need to make a right move. You have to start improving your spiritual aspects. How can you do this?

Steps-by-Steps on How to Grow Your Spirituality

To improve your spirituality, you have to follow several steps. Like others, you are probably not aware on about these multiple steps. For your guide, here they are:

Step 1: Embrace Your Talents – It means that you have to improve your special gifts and intelligence. Your talents can lead you toward your unique paths. Just follow your passion and you can easily discover where you fit in this world.

Step 2: Learn to Solve Your Problems – If you have problems in life, you have to be strong. Though problems in life affect you emotionally and mentally, it doesn’t mean that you will easily give up. You also need to learn to ignore your future problems.

Step 3: Be Responsible – If you commit mistakes, don’t blame it to other people. Always be honest about the things you have done or said. You also need to concentrate on how to solve your problems than expecting changes from other people around you.

Step 3: Accept Reality – This is all about love and happiness. If you love someone, you have to accept the fact that you have to say goodbye. Not all relationships last forever. To give compassion and love to the person is the most conscientious thing you can do.

Step 4: Accept Change – Accepting changes is not as easy as you think. However, you can do it in a gradual way. You just need to practice yourself that a certain thing or person is no longer existing or already changed.

Step 5: Accept Delays – Frustration and impatience will never help you in any situation. To combat this feeling, you have to learn on how to jump into a new field. You have to know when to wait and when to move forward.

Aside from the above mentioned, another thing that you can do is to learn on how to love yourself. Your body will help you in growing your spiritual aspects. To do this, you need to pamper your body, exercise, fight your illnesses and practice a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you also need to learn to understand that human body always expires. In case you lose someone you love, you need to be strong and face the reality.

Chapter 3: Understand Oneness


Everything that exists on Earth is connected to each other. The connection is oneness and wholeness. Most people understand oneness as complete or whole made of two or more parts. It means that there is one God.

It is true that it is hard for a man to understand that life could be oneness. And, it is nothing to separate from it, including God. The reason behind this concept is that man believes and convinced by his viewpoints that everything is separate from Him.

Oneness Defined

Oneness is quite hard to understand because humans were so engrossed in a world of things. People can stimulate oneness through the part of themselves that knows the silence where there are no things and no names. With this, people can begin to feel their connection to the earth, to everyone and to the universe.

Oneness is the concept that all things and phenomena are connected. All of these apparent separations are illusion and they are more than just a philosophy. The concept of oneness is not a theory or a personal opinion. It is an entry to understanding reality. This idea maintains that all things, regardless of form, state, energy, duration, density, etc, are one boundless being.

Learning How to Embrace Oneness

Embracing oneness is not too fast and easy. The glory of God is within every person. In case you feel separation, it is the separation from yourself that you feel. To embrace oneness, you have to love yourself first. You also need to recognize your worth.

If you love yourself, you will love every man and every creature on Earth. You will love without any objection. If you did, then, you will love oneness.

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