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Part 1- Headaches And Grandma’s Remedy – (276 Words)
Part 2- Herbal Headache Cures—Are They Safe? – (256 Words)
Part 3- Where Did Your Headache Come From? – (309 Words)
Part 4- Natural Cures That Are Easy – (327 Words)
Part 5- Reduce Your Stress Levels For Headache Relief – (256 Words)

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We all get headaches and some of us more often than we’d like. There are many over-the-counter prescription medications that we can take such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Exedrin that all work, but you may not be inclined to take a narcotic drug for this. However it is not really necessary to use them when you understand that there are natural cures out there that can help to get rid of the pain instead. Obviously, if you suffer from migraine, or cluster headaches, natural cures may not help as well as Exedrin Migraine would. However, for a regular headache that is caused by muscular contractions or vascular irregularities the natural cures may work to your advantage. Here are some of the most common natural headache remedies:
The Cold compress: this method has been used for centuries and is excellent for relieving allergy, sinus and caffeine headaches. How it works is that the cool water on your forehead helps to stop the muscles from contracting too hard.
Aromatherapy methods such as those offered by Ombro Deep Relaxation bath products and scented candles can greatly reduce your headache pains. I have used this method very often. They offer the benefit of aromas like lavender which is known to possess relaxation qualities with in.
Acupuncture is a common source of curing a headache that is used by those who can afford this method. It is used quite a bit by those who often get stress headaches due to work and family stresses.
Taking a nap can get rid of a headache as well if you can get the alone time for it. Eucalyptus that is placed in a humidifier can take advantage of the heat from the humidifier with natural healing of eucalyptus to get rid of a headache. This is just some methods that you can use for getting rid of headaches naturally.

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