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Popular apps on the market include Sleep Cycle, Pillow, Digipill, Recolor and Sleep Time. Most sleep apps are free for both android and iPhones. Those with more sophisticated features range from $3 to $9.99.

Helpful tip: White noise, in general, is a great sleep-inducer and numerous studies back this up. It keeps your brainwaves steady helps maintain sound asleep all night. If you choose not to use a sleep app, you can easily access white noise with a fan. A ceiling fan or a regular fan will work equally well. Simply keep it on all night. The sound will lull you to sleep and the consistent whirring will help sleep deeply throughout the night.

Try out a couple of the free apps ones first. If you enjoy using it and get good results, great! If not, you haven’t needlessly wasted any money.

Chapter 4: Seek Out the Sun

This is a case in which blue light from the sun can actually help us sleep better! Staying away from blue light in the evening is necessary as discussed in chapter 1. However, exposure to blue light during the daytime is another matter, so don’t get confused.

Exposure to sunlight helps our body maintain its circadian rhythm by sending signals to our pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Circadian rhythm simply means our body’s internal clock. Keeping it balanced and stable is essential for quality sleep. Our circadian rhythm also regulates a number of important hormones, including melatonin. As mentioned earlier, melatonin is vital for sleep. It also combats depression, which could affect sleep quality.

It works like this: exposure to sunlight during the day boosts ‘dim light melatonin production’ which begins after sunset. Spending time in the sun prepares your body for peaceful sleep by boosting din-light melatonin production.

This one of the simplest sleep hacks you can use – and it’s completely free! It’s as easy as a walk in the park during lunch break, or having a smoothie at an outdoor café. No matter how busy your day, there are still many opportunities to grab some sin.

How much time should you spend in the sun? Ideally, 15 – 20 minutes a day at least. Of course, this also depends on several factors, such as the climate you live in, the season, the time of day, how sensitive your skin is, and how much of your skin is exposed.

Studies show that sitting near a well-lit window is another way to expose your skin to blue light during the daytime. This is the perfect hack for rainy days or when it’s too cold to go outside.

Use a Light Therapy Box

If it is difficult for you to get into the sun on a regular basis, a light therapy box is a good alternative. This is a device that emits blue wavelength light. It is designed to balance your circadian rhythm. in the same way that exposure to sunlight does.

Place the box a few feet away from you but do not face it directly. Placing in your peripheral vision is recommended. Expose yourself to the light for 15-30 minutes. Expose as much skin as possible during your session. Ideally, you should do this at the same time every day to maintain your circadian rhythm.

There you go. Another super easy and effortless sleep hack!

Chapter 5: Sleep-Friendly Food Hacks

We all love food, and luckily, this food hack includes foods that everybody enjoys. This hack allows you to get creative and prepare dishes that are not only delicious but will also help you sleep like a baby!

The following is a list of sleep-friendly foods that have been proven to be highly beneficial for sleep. Incorporate them into your diet, especially at dinnertime and be amazed at how the quality of your sleep improves.

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