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Ebook Table Of Contents

Foreword and Introduction                                 3-8
Why this guide came to be                                3
The S.C.O.O.T.I.N.G. Method                                 8
The basics of Last Minute Travel                          9-10

1.    Special Discount Success

What is it (last-minute, on-demand, 11th hour).
Knowing what to get where for short-term travel needs.

What is a ‘last minute travel deal’ exactly?

How does it work and different types of travel discounts and options?

What you are looking for and how much are you willing to pay?

What, Where and how long will you be traveling? What is available? Where to look to find it? How to find the best deals?

2.    Cashing-in – making the most of (which and where, value and cost of trip, travel or vacation, how last-minute travel really works), Finding and leveraging
various options and strategies.                                  11

3.    Opportunistic –  travel booking and reservations, brokering and limited offers, capitalize and leverage your position and travel bargains around every corner.

4.    Obvious and Obtainable – where to find the best deals and making the most of last-minute travel – a quick and detailed overview                      19

5.    Travel brokering – who to ask and where to go to get the best deals, following a process that works every time!                                      24

6.    Investment in your leisure – where the real payback and value-proposition is.

7.    Negotiating – It is a process and skill-set that requires attention and mastery
8.    GREAT results – getting them, focusing on what to do and what NOT to do!   37

9.    Closing Thoughts and Remarks                              43

10.Bibliography and Online References                    51-54

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Short-notice traveling is a modern phenomenon that is increasingly happening around the world. Global travel is taking on a new character and transformational identity that morphs as the needs and demand of modern globetrotters and earth-dwellers change.

This, combined with the wonderful enabling technological advances that we have had in recent years, all contribute to almost on-demand and real-time travel solutions at our fingertips.

This ‘how to’ guide has your best travel interest and budget at its heart and core. It will make the most out of your every journey, quest and world travel – even and especially when booking last minute.

It will help you discover how to make the most of finding and getting the best travel deals and last minute travel bargains. It will help you to enjoy life, freedom, memories, others and exploration.

We are calling all nimble adventurers to join us in our 11th hour, last minute, short-notice quest and journeys around the globe.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the real value and low cost of ‘globetrotting’ these days, IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK AND FIND THE BEST LAST MINUTE TRAVEL DEALS.

It will offer some insights into how to capitalize on life’s unplanned or unfortunate events and highlight how to optimize or leverage cancellations, to have your best vacation deal at rock-bottom pricing. When you want it all, great value, low price, choice destination, on-demand and today, how would you get the best last-minute travel deals? Any ideas? If not, definitely keep reading… YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

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