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What is Organic Gardening
Organic Butterfly Garden
Pest Control
Organic Vegetables
Children and Organics
Soil Preparation
A Water Garden
Organic Roses
The Proper Placement
Container Gardening
Organic Composting
The Weather
The Farmers Market
Raised Bed Organics
Tools, Equipment and Resources

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What is Organic Gardening

What Does Organic Gardening Mean?

Conventional wisdom says that organic gardening is a simple process wherein one just plants seeds and for it to grow to its potential, fertilizers are put around the area and pesticides are used to brush off annoying insects that may storm the garden. However, organic gardening is more than a step-by-step process; it is a science and even an art by itself, with myriad ways to let the plant flourish and it is always scrutinized by millions of scientists around the world to ensure safety and efficiency of the gardens growth.

Also, common wisdom says that organic gardening simply involves a plough and a rake. In fact, it can be as high-tech as the newly released cellular phone. This agricultural art utilizes many things like rotary tillers, synthesized fertilizers and even biodegradable pesticides. With all the wonderful inventions for gardening, it seems as if its possibilities for growth are limitless and the dream of the disappearance of famine and hunger will soon be reachable.

The Basics

Of course, you have to be in touch with the fundamentals of organic gardening to fully take advantage and properly use the new agricultural technology products and methods when they finally come to the market and the gardening community, respectively.

First of all, you have to know how build the soil to make it as accommodating to the plant as possible. There are many substances that include this, namely: mulches, cover crops, manure, compost, and ground-rock mineral supplements. With this in your soil-nurturing kit, it will be a cinch to cultivate your plants and make your garden as beautiful as possible by using natural and/or organic methods.

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