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What is True Love?
Parental Love
Loving a Child
Friendship and Love
Loving Your Spouse
What is Dysfunctional Love?
What Love is NOT
Soul Mates
Love Is Not Sex
Loving Yourself
When Love Goes Bad
How to Attract the ONE
Become a Magnet for Love
Finding Love
The Most Important Love of All

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What Is True Love?

This is a question that is commonly asked by teenagers, or by those who think they have just fallen in love. In just a few days, if not hours, they will be asking this 4-word question. They will most likely ask those who are of age, those whom they think have already felt, or at least claim that they have already felt, true love. However, when these people of age are interviewed on the spot, they can’t really give a straight out answer now, could they? Not because they think the teenagers would not be able to understand its essence, but because they really do not know. Who does?

How Do Most People Define True Love?

True love, according to those who have claimed to have already experienced it, is when one has a bond with another, a bond that is not easily broken. It is when you love someone unconditionally, despite of the other’s flaws and shortcomings. It is when you prioritize the happiness and welfare of the other, above your own. Basically, it is when you forget about yourself and do everything to keep the other party happy.

Thus, it would be safe to say, that the meaning of true love is completely subjective. How it is defined would depend on how the person you ask has experienced it. Meaning, just because a certain person defined true love as something you could mistake for Barney and Friends, that does not mean that it is really the true and definite meaning of true love.

How Can You Tell That It Is True Love?

First of all, you can’t simply tell it is true love by merely looking at the other person. Love at first sight does not really occur. When you first see a person, that is attraction. Perhaps the other has characteristics or traits that you could be greatly attracted to. However, that is not enough to determine true love.

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