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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: An Overview of the Fundamental Principles

Chapter 2: Love

Chapter 3: Truth

Chapter 4: Power

Chapter 5: Oneness (Love and Truth)

Chapter 6: Authority (Truth and Power)

Chapter 7: Courage (Power and Love)

Chapter 8: Intelligence (Truth, Love and Power)

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 6:

Authority (Truth & Power)


Authority is a result of truth and power. This principle teaches you how to use truth and power effectively so that you produce intelligent results.

This chapter you will learn:

The Key Components of Authority
The Hindrances to Authority
How to Increase Authority?

The Key Components of Authority

Authority is the principle derived from the combination of truth and power. When you have truth without power, you achieve nothing. When you have power without truth, it generates wasted actions. However, when the two are utilized in the right way, it gives you a sense of intelligence and produce great outcomes.

Authority is a way you help you keep track on your focus. Imagine that when you do not have any authority over you, even you have great set of knowledge but it will be pretty difficult for you apply them in your life. You may even take some actions, but the movement can be chaotic without authority.

Here are the key components of authority:

Command: Even though we mentioned authority over you, there is only one true authority in your life and that is you. You give order to the command yourself what you want to achieve and do. On the other hand, this does not give you the rights to commit crime as you will.

Effectiveness: Now that you have the authority, but are you effective in implementing the plans? You need to constantly check if you are making the right decisions and choices.

Persistence: If you want to be competent in any field or areas of your life, you need to invest a significant amount of time and effort. Just because you are good at playing guitar, it doesn’t mean you is a good guitar shop businessman. If you really want to start a business based on your interest, you need to learn the game of being an entrepreneur.

Confidence: When you grow into authority, you will develop confidence. This is not the temporary kind of confidence, but the far more deeply held beliefs that are in you as a result of past experiences.

Significance: What are the things that really matter to you? People of authority do not waste time on things which do not matter to them. They know if authority is used wrongly, they can end up in chasing after nothing meaningful to them. If your children are important to you, how often do you spend time with them? If the environment is important to you, what are doing to save the energy consumption in your home?

How to Increase Authority?

Orchestrate Small Rebellions: A small rebellion requires you to persist on a decision which others may have opinions about. For example, dying your hair with a sharp color. It may create a ‘Wuah’ effect and people may ask you, “Why are you doing this?” and you just have to reply, “I just feel like doing it”. Nothing serious, just orchestrating a small rebellious.

Triage: In the medical industry, patients are divided into 3 groups: Those who will die anyway, whether or not they receive medical treatment. Those who will survive anyway, whether or not they receive medical treatment. Those who will survive only if they receive timely medical attention. In real life, projects are also divided into 3 groups: Projects that will fail to have significant impact, whether or not you do them. Projects that will succeed anyway, whether or not you do them. Projects that will only have a significant impact when you do them within the given timeframe. We usually focus on the third group, when it comes to the case of triage.

Experiment: This is a direct testing. You will know the results straight away, whether or not the thing works. If you do not know if billboard ads will work for your company, the best way to find out is to conduct an experiment. Set aside advertising budget and invest in a billboard banner. That’s how you get the answer.

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