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21 Strategies for Encouraging More Interaction on your Facebook Page

Some businesses create their Facebook Pages and think their job is done. The truth is… it’s just beginning!

But your Facebook Page will never get off the ground unless you initiate and encourage interaction between yourself (or your official Admin) and those who visit and post.

Fortunately, building a community and making your Facebook Page come alive as an entity in its own right is absurdly easy… as long as you know what to do.

Here are twenty-one proven strategies to help you create strong Facebook Pages that are, as one poster put it, “just hopping!”

1. Mix your media – don’t always just share photos or just share text. Showcase a longer “Notes” post. Post videos as well as photos. And do share infographics, when you find an apt one: Not only do you have the power of the Edgerank algorithm assigning high photo value to your infographic – you get to share really interesting or useful information in an instant visual format.

2. Use contests. As with any other form of media, don’t overdo this – but a good strategy is to hold a regular contest on a regular day of the week or month.

Always posting your contest on the same day creates habitual viewing. People start to look forward to the feature.

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