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1. 9 Tips to Benefit From Discounts 01
2. 12 Interesting Jobs ideas for Retirees 04
3. Holidaying On a Budget For Retirees 07
4. 9 Tips to Start A Budget 10
5. 8 Essential Finance Tips for Retirees 13
6. 11 Tips to Maximise on Your Health Insurance 16
7. Tips on Being Tax Efficient with Your Savings 19
8. Getting Additional Income By Selling Your
No Longer Used Items 22
9. Generating Cash From Your Property 25
10. How To Find A Good Financial Adviser 28

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If you’re a retiree looking for another job to help shore up your bank accounts or buy something extra, or just to be around people, these options might work for you. Remember that you can change your entire direction if you want to, or you can leverage what you learned working and become a consultant. These twelve great jobs for retirees will make you want to get started now.

1. Photographer – You can become a photographer in a few ways. Many companies that need someone to take school pictures offer equipment and training for people. But you can learn to become an adequate photographer on your own today by taking a class through LinkedIn Learning,, or even locally.

2. Temp Event Staff – In your local area, there are probably events that need people to handle a lot of set-up, teardown, and organization such as parking. You can sign up for these types of jobs through various temp agencies in your town or go directly to the venue that puts on the events to ask.

3. Substitute Teaching – Even if you have never taught or have a degree, in some locations you can become a substitute teacher. They make from $50 and up per day and are in high demand. A good sub can work full time in a large district.

4. Child Care Provider – Another way to be around kids and make some money in a job for retirees is to work at a daycare center or start your own daycare in your home. If you work at a center, you’re likely to make minimum wage, but you can often arrange to work only a couple days a week in the room you want to work in, such as the infant room.

5. Freelancer – Another way to work is to become a freelancer. You can work online as a virtual assistant, content writer, graphic designer, and other positions as a freelance contractor for a variety of business types.

6. Drivers and Delivery Drivers – Rideshares and personalized delivery are very popular right now. They give you an excellent opportunity to make money in your retirement, working only on the days you want to work. Sign up with,,, and others to find out more.

7. Life Coach / Consultant – There is a massive opportunity for you to use the experience you already have to help others. You can become a business consultant if you have that experience, or you can become a life coach assisting others in succeeding at something you did.

8. Pet Sitter and House Sitter – Do you love pets, and you want to choose your own hours? You can start this as a side business if you want flexibility. You can also find plenty of jobs run by others who need help and make about $18 to $20 an hour.

9. Author / Writer / Blogger – If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a writer, there is more opportunity than ever today. You can write your book and publish it on Amazon. Their Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is free. You can publish straight to Kindle, and with just a little bit more work Amazon will also publish your books in print. You can also write for the internet as a blogger or for clients who need website content.

10. ESL Teacher – Companies like allow those with teaching experience of any kind to sign up and teach English to children all over the world. Teachers make about 20 dollars per hour. You do need a college degree.

11. Real Estate Sales / Property Management – There are many opportunities in real estate, from sales to property management. You can even manage other people’s rentals; it’s up to you what you want to do.

12. Insurance Sales – It’s relatively easy to get a license to sell life insurance and liability insurance. Plus, it pays residuals. Many retirees like getting involved in this second career, which is very helpful for building a better portfolio.

These great jobs for retirees are fantastic opportunities that you may not have considered. Before you run out and get a job, consider the lifestyle you want to live first. It’ll help you make a good decision about the job.


Even when you’re retired, you want to go on holiday. Holidays are essential to everyone, even if you don’t work. Of course, today many retirees do work part-time jobs – especially money-savvy retirees.

* Set a Budget – Don’t go anywhere or do anything without setting a budget and being aware of the budget. There is no shame in not doing something because it’s not in your budget. Do some research first so that you know for sure that your budget is realistic so that you can still have a good time.

* Use Cash – Once you set the budget, try using cash. If you go out to dinner with cash, you’re much more likely to stay mindful of the cost. When you use debit cards and credit cards, it’s too easy not to see it as money.

* Stay Longer – Did you know that when you rent rooms, especially via, you get a discount for staying longer. Renting a place long term or using your motor home means you’ll pay less per night and you can then take your time enjoying everything without rushing.

* Consider Alternative Forms of Travel – Going by RV, travel van, train, bus, and then staying in an Airbnb or other types of accommodation that are different from what you are typically used to doing, can be entertaining and also less expensive.

* Get Out of the Country – It might be less expensive than you think to travel across the ocean or to a neighboring country. If you go to a location off-season, you’ll likely get deep discounts.

* Go Last Minute – You can sign up for last-minute travel deals. You never have to decide anything except your budget in advance. Live a little and choose a last-minute deal that fits your budget.

* Look for Discounts – Seniors can get discounts through a variety of methods, from club membership to just asking. Look at your credit cards, memberships, and so forth to find out if you can get extra discounts.

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