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Table of Contents

Introduction 04
Section 1: Google AdSense Basics
Chapter 1: What Is Online Advertising All About? 07
Chapter 2: What Is Google AdSense? 09
Chapter 3: How Can Google AdSense Help Your Business? 12
Chapter 4: Shocking Google AdSense Facts To Consider 16
Section 2: Google AdSense – Step by Step
Chapter 5: Setting Up An AdSense-Friendly Website 20
Chapter 6: Creating A Google AdSense Account 25
Chapter 7: Google AdSense Walk-through 29
Chapter 8: Customizing Your First AdSense Ads 38
Chapter 9: Inserting Ad Slots Manually 45
Chapter 10: Inserting Ad Slots With The AdSense Plugin 47
Section 3: Advanced Google AdSense Strategies
Chapter 11: Increasing Ad Revenue With Link Units 50
Chapter 12: Increasing Ad Revenue With A Custom Search Engine 52
Chapter 13: Implementing AdSense Section Targeting 54
Chapter 14: Implementing Ad Placement Targeting 56
Chapter 15: Crazy Simple Ways To Double Traffic To Your AdSense Site 58
Chapter 16: Money-Making AdSense Optimization Tips And Strategies 63
Section 4: Additional Tips to consider
Chapter 17: Do’s and Don’ts 68
Chapter 18: Premium tools and Services to consider 73
Chapter 19: Shocking Case Studies 78
Chapter 20: Frequently Asked Questions 85
Conclusion 90
Top Resources 91
Special Offer 92

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For starters, the AdSense platform can be described as an online advertising program run exclusively for publishers by Google, which allows them to add their online properties to the “Google Network” of content sites.

Once publishers add their sites to this network, they will be able to serve online advertisements using automatic text, images, video, and other types of interactive media right on their sites. These advertisements, or ad units, are targeted according to a site’s content and audience.

These ad units are generated and managed by advertisers on Google’s own AdWords network, and they are administered by Google itself. In other words, Google serves ads on sites that are part of the AdSense network on behalf of advertisers that are part of the AdWords network.

Now, we all know that publishers and content creators are not going to lend their valuable online real estate out of a sense of charity; They’re in it for the money! But how do AdSense ads generate revenue on a site?

It is simple: advertisers pay Google to put their ads on the AdSense network, and then Google splits those earnings with the owner of the online property where these ads happen to appear, once again, based on the type of content on the site and its audience.

And the way these ads generate revenue is through clicks and impressions. “Per-click” revenue is generated when a visitor clicks through an ad to visit the advertiser’s site or landing page, and “per-impression” revenue is generated per every thousand impressions or views on an ad.

That is why sites on the AdSense network should strive to offer the best content possible, to a very engaged audience, on a regular basis. Want to learn what some of the most awesome benefits of using AdSense for business are? Then check the following chapter to find out!

Chapter 3: How Can Google AdSense Help Your Business?

Hey there my friends! In our previous chapter, we were discussing how online advertising is designed to motivate people to get content out there, which you can thank on its business model.

In particular, we’ve learned that Google AdSense is designed to push content creators and publishers to set up content sites that encourage repeat visitors, as that is the only way to generate revenue through the ads.

And as we all know, businesses are all about creating a revenue stream that is generated either by offering something different or by offering something good at a more affordable rate than your competition. For those in the business of content creation, it means that you’ll need to create a site that is either a niche in itself, or one that offers really popular content with a spin.

The good news is that by integrating AdSense into your targeted content platform you will be able to monetize it the smart way. Here is a list of the ways AdSense has really helped us to make the most out of our own content sites!

AdSense Pays The Highest Pay-Per-Click Rates In The Industry

One of the most highlighted advantages of the AdSense platform over all the other networks is that it really offers the best rates for publishers in the industry. This is because the Google Advertising Network is the largest ad network available, as well as the most popular, and it only allows top-notch content sites to join the network.

That means that competition for ad placements between advertisers is quite strong, and you will end up being paid as high as your ad slots are worth. The more relevant your content and the more visited your site is, the higher you will be paid per each click through ad on your site!

AdSense Does Not Require You To Complete Actions

A lot of online marketers will recommend you to sign up to a “CPA” network as an alternative to paid advertising, yet they don’t usually tell you about the effort that you’ll need to put into monetizing the adverts offered by these networks, because no matter how many clicks or views those advert units get, they won’t earn you a penny until your visitors complete whatever action the network requires them to.

AdSense ads won’t require your visitors to complete any action beyond clicking through them. No matter how many times a visitor clicks on an ad without making a purchase, you will still get paid for it!

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