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What Exactly is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is heralded as the online social community for business professionals and entrepreneurs. What sets it apart from social sites like Facebook and Twitter is the understanding that people join LinkedIn with the goal of expanding their business in some way.

Here it’s accepted to let your business cards show, so to speak.

Cleverly disguising “tweets” and “updates” to shroud business intentions isn’t necessary. Much like offline network meetings, professionals interact on LinkedIn with the explicit intention of making business connections.

Why LinkedIn is Important for Online Business

If the possibilities of one connection expanding into thousands, breezing by gatekeepers to talk directly with decision-makers, and making global ventures from the comfort of your home office sound appealing, then LinkedIn is the platform for you.

Not too long ago, attending networking mixers and Chamber of Commerce meetings were the workhorses for acquiring referrals and building business relationships. Now those activities have moved online within the Linked community. Essentially LinkedIn facilitates these same practices only in a tech-savvy way.

With LinkedIn you get all the benefits of offline networking with less of the hassle. Instead of shuffling from business luncheon to business luncheon “hoping” to meet qualified prospects, LinkedIn provides a platform for you to specifically search and research individuals who you know will directly add value to your endeavors.

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