Enneagram Essentials: Explore The Power Of Enneagrams To Discover Your True Nature Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
The Basics

Chapter 2:
Wings and Instinctual Sub Types

Chapter 3:
Points of Integration and Disintegration and Harmonic Groups

Chapter 4:
The Centers

Chapter 5:
Type 1 and 2 Characteristics

Chapter 6:
Type 3 and 4 Characteristics

Chapter 7:
Type 5 and 6 Characteristics

Chapter 8:
Type 7 and 8 Characteristics

Chapter 9:
Type 9 Characteristics

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

The Basics


Your dominant type is the most important part of your being.

The Start Point

What you need to do is to fill in the personality that you are – namely what you have been like over a period of time or most of the time.

The greatest mistake one can make while doing this test is to do it for the sake of doing it without examining themselves properly. This often leads to marred results and inaccurate findings. In order for this test to work properly, you have to make sure you answer everything honestly, without filtering the answers or by lying to yourself.

For example, one may be faced with a choice between assertiveness and shyness. Though one desires to be more assertive, you have to be truly honest with yourself about where you are most of your life and not pretend to be assertive or desire to be more – it doesn’t work if you think into the future to determine who you want to be. You have to be where you are right now – that is your true nature.

Once you determine who you are, there is a computer generated result which will reveal to you 3 things:
– Your dominant type
– Your wing
– Your instinctual sub-type

Record these down as well as the 2nd and 3rd results of the test. Often times, the script will generate a set of results that is most likely your personality. Be sure to examine the results of the 2nd and 3rd probability as it is important for you to consider all the possibilities especially when all the results are really close to one another.

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