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Chapter 1: Understanding The Controller Personality

Chapter 2: Understanding The Promoter Personality

Chapter 3: Understanding The Analyzer Personality

Chapter 4: Understanding The Supporter Personality

Chapter 5: Understanding The Promoting/Supporter Personality

Chapter 6: Understanding The Promoter/Controller Personality

Chapter 7: Understanding The Controller/Analyzer Personality

Chapter 8: Understanding The Analyzer/Supporter Personality

Chapter 9: Understanding The Centric Personality

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Chapter 6:

Understanding The Promoter/Controller Personality


Have you seen people who have been bragging about their own success and no joke, they are really successful? This is one of the examples of promoter/controller.

This chapter talks about:

The Attributes of the Promoter/Controller Personality
A Promoter/Controller’s Strengths
A Promoter/Controller’s Weaknesses
How to Deal With a Promoter/Controller?

Imagine if you are pretty successful in what you do and the world out there knows exactly how successful you are. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

The Attributes of the Promoter/Controller Personality

A person with promoter/controller personality is normally expressive in an aggressive way. Unlike promoter/supporter, relationships may not matter to them but success and sense of achievement can be a really big thing to them.

Now, a controller may be achieving great success but still remains a low profile. I personally know a person who has been declared bankruptcy and yet he owns a company that makes millions of dollars in profit yearly. On the other hand, promoter/controller can be achieving great success at the same time, but the fact that he is rich and successful is made known to all over the world.

This group of people love challenges and always strives to win. Not just to win, but to win with flying colors. It is not quite common for them to stay in the same position for long. They need to jump from one place to another. Stagnancy will just bore them and they chase their goals and dreams with intensity.

In terms of conversations, they are the ones who dominate. People listen to them the moment they speak and their voices turn out to be clearly visible. In addition, speeches that they make will usually carry much weight.

A Promoter/Controller’s Strengths

Absolutely No Problems with Unfamiliarity: A promoter/controller will have no problems with unfamiliarity. Even they are new to the environment, their promoter nature will just help them to get along with people very well.

When it comes to something new, there is no such word as ‘uncomfortable’ in their dictionaries. With their controller personality, they are able to see their goals bigger than anything else that is on their ways.

Independent: You may find it strange but a promoter/controller is extremely independent. Many people work for the sake of their families. Some work for some other purposes. Promoters/controllers work for their own sake. Their strong will and power strive them to constantly stay at the top notch in what they are doing.

Decisive: While a pure promoter may not be decisive, a promoter/controller is expert in decision making. Not only they are fast but they are also accurate in relation to their judgment.

A Promoter/Controller’s Weaknesses

Profile May Result in Threats: When your success has been made known to the public by own luxurious cars, a valley and a yacht, the tendency of you being threatened is much higher. Some of the unethical competitors or peers are going to eat you up without your acknowledge. They do not rejoice in seeing you succeed but stumble and fall. I am not saying you cannot buy luxurious cars, a valley or yacht but you just need to be careful because there are people out there who love to see you fail.

No Space for Others: Very often, promoters/controllers are the ones who do most of the talking. Hence, it leaves no space for their peers to express their suggestions and opinions. They probably need to learn to allow others to access to their lives or discussions.

Lack of Patience: You just can’t help it but promoters/controllers act very quickly that they want to get things done quickly even sometimes without the need of gathering the complete resources.

Produce Stressful Subordinates: Sometimes, their subordinates or staffs will have hard time working with the promoters/controllers simply because of their fast moving nature. As a result, staffs are dying to meet deadlines and work under intensive pressures.

How to Deal With a Promoter/Controller?

Probably by now, you would not want to work under a boss who has a promoter/controller personality. Or perhaps, you want to be a promoter/controller. Either way is totally fine.

Here is how you can deal with them…

Contribute Ideas Based on Their Interests: If you are given a chance to contribute ideas to a promoter/controller, you must do it right. Not to mention you do not get many chances to speak to them, things that you say to them must contribute to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Esteem Their Success: Yes, promoters/controllers can be very egoistic at times. One thing you can do to make them happy if to esteem their success. Celebrate their success and tell them that they have done a good job. If the compliment if given in front of a big crowd, it is even better. The surely want to be recognized of their success.

Involve Them to Work in Groups: If it is possible, try to get them to work in groups. Their pace of working may not be pleasant while working with the rest of the group members, but it is a good way to allow them to learn to journey together with the team, rather than just having to walk alone.

In short, promoters/controllers are the ones who get things done effectively with the intention of being recognized for their achievements. When you understand this, you know why they behave in such a way.

Chapter 7:

Understanding The Controller/Analyzer Personality


It is truly a combination of both controller and analyzer personalities. This kind of personality appears to be distant and people find it hard to gain access to their lives.

This chapter talks about:

The Attributes of the Controller/Analyzer Personality
A Controller/Analyzer’s Strengths
A Controller/Analyzer’s Weaknesses
How to Deal With a Controller/Analyzer?

Let’s get acquainted with the controller/analyzers so that you can gain easier access to their lives.

The Attributes of the Controller/Analyzer Personality

The first thing that comes to my mind in relation to the controller/analyzer personality is this – they are stiff! I am not sure if it is the right word to describe them but to me, they are probably the last person on earth I would want to hang out with. Unless it is required, there will be no way I’d want to meet them.

Anyway, let’s talk about the controllers/analyzers. They are efficient and business-minded. Apart from getting desired results, they are also keen in gathering information. Even sometimes the implementation of the plan may take much longer than required, nevertheless the probability of the success is almost guaranteed.

This group of people is not so good in placing their trusts on others. They can be very critical and judgmental to the point that they only place their trusts on the people who have been working effectively for them in the past. Any first timers will have to perform extremely well in order to gain the initial favor of the controllers/analyzers.

Needless to say, they are very task-oriented. They are not driven by emotions and often very rational when it comes to making decisions. They are calm and steady even the biggest obstacles set in. No matter what, they will get it done.

Finally, it is normal to them so scan through the situation or a person who is in front of them. They will generate all kinds of perceptions, data and judgment on the situations and person, causing the person especially to panic easily.

A Controller/Analyzer’s Strengths

Tasks Are Organized: You just can’t go wrong under the supervision of the controllers/analyzers. Their tasks are organized in a very systematic manner. They know exactly what and where went wrong when any part of the planning process fails.

Seen as Honored: Controllers/Analyzers earn their respects due to their experiences and abilities to solve complicated problems. They can be very good advisors and rationality always go with them in things that they do.

Results Are Almost Certain: With the information controllers/analyzers gather, it is almost certain they will produce excellent results. These are the people who are highly demanded in the business industries.

A Controller/Analyzer’s Weaknesses

Avoid Working With Others: While it is impossible to get things done all by themselves, they are very critical with the people they choose to work with. Unless you have already shown your efficiency in the past, it is really hard for them to involve you as a part of their team.

Not People-Oriented: Relationships with others do not mean a lot to them and hence, lack passionate and understanding. They may think it is okay to spend the weekend in the office and at the same time, their staffs may think weekend is the only time they can spend with their family members.

Appear Distant: Most of the time, they are seen distant and isolated from the crowd. The topics in their conversation are nothing more than the tasks and data. Talking about the weather or how well your children are doing at schools will not interest them all at. Also, some people find them difficult to relate.

Judgmental: Due to their analytical nature, they can be very judgmental even if they do not know you too well. However, time may have the potential to reveal the person’s character further.

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