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Table of Contents

Overview of List Management – Part 1
Understanding List Management 1
Always Be Truthful
The Role of Your List: Always at the Front of Your Mind
Listen to Your List – Reap the Rewards
The Rating System
E-zines and Newsletters
Personal List – Mixed Content
Overview of List Management – Part 2
Personal List, Affiliate and Ad Content
The Ad List
Divide and Conquer
The Personal Touch
All Done – Now It’s Your Turn
Overview of List Management – Part 3
List Building Methods
Quality over Quantity
Getting Started
Throwing Out Prospects Doesn’t Get You Organized
Am I Building My List While Doing This?
Professionalism Revisited
Where your Most Effective List Comes from
The Ultimate Tried and Tested List Builder
Be Careful Not To Interrupt Your Sales Process
Maximizing Subs Without Losing Sales
Non-Profit Resource Building
A Few Last Words

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Listen to Your List & Reap the Rewards

I know what to sell to them because they tell me what they want. I know when my websites suck or look plain ugly because I ask them. I know what they’re interested in buying, the most effective headlines and language to use when typing out ads in relation to my list, who are in effect my target market. So you see, again we’re promoting not just for profit, but to learn valuable lessons at the same time. Your list provides as much useful data as your advert tracking, no matter how small. This Is your key to developing a successful business that is aimed at your target market, and creating a sales system that works, not just in your eyes, but in the eyes of the people that are most important to you. And that’s your customer, the person who at the end of the day is going to make you a whole lot of money if treated right.

So here’s the deal. Ask. Don’t feel stupid about sending out mails to your list that aren’t adverts, or that might seem like random babble to you. To them, not only will they feel closer to you personally, no matter what technique you use below, (which in turn will have them reading more often) but it’ll give you really important results about you newest product, your website or even an idea that you have for a product that you’d like feedback on before you even start. Use your list in this way.

Promote to learn, not to make a profit, and you’ll end up with far more cash at the end of the year than if you just assume, guess or don’t bother (Which seems to be many marketers out there). Don’t be one of them. Get the knowledge you need to succeed from your customers before they even hand you their money. It works wonders for you, your reputation, your knowledge and your pockets. Ask your list if you’re not sure. It’s so powerful that it’d be a complete waste if not utilized properly. If you’re right, great, go for it. If you’re wrong, your list will tell you so, great again. You can fix it and pocket the cash at the same time. I can’t think of a fairer deal than that. Keep it in mind. Your list is more than a bunch of names. It’s a bunch of opinions, and real important ones at that.

Next up, I’m going to talk to you about the four main methods successful marketers use to maintain their lists. Each one with a different use and purpose, and each one has its ups and downs. Granted I’m biased towards two of them, and I’ll tell you why when we get there. But like I said, there’s no way for me to tell you how to run your business. All I can do is tell you the most effective ways of going about it, and let you decide what’s most convenient for you and where you want your business to go. The Rating System

Let’s also have a little bit of fun here, too, and introduce a rating system to make things interesting. As we discuss each of these techniques, I’ll talk to you about their pros and cons, and where they would most likely be used, and you can decide if it’ll be relevant to you. I’m also going to give these a starred rating system that will show you the most significant stats related to running such a list. Understand that each list will vary, and these star ratings are only to give you an idea after talking to over a hundred successes with their lists in the following categories. The star rating will be one to five:

Unsubscription Rate: One star means a high unsubscription rate per mailing, and five stars means the best, a low unsubscription rate per mailing.

Subscription Rate: How easy it is to get people to subscribe to the list using a variety of different methods. The subscription rate at one star is the hardest, and at five stars is the easiest.

Ad income: Ad income is the amount of money that’s earned through selling adverts to the list. One star is the worst, or the least amount of money earned through ad selling, and five stars is the best, or the most amount of money earned through ad selling.

JV Circle: This is the ease of using your list as a bargaining tool, for example in ad swaps or product launches, and specific joint venture opportunities. One star is the worst, which is also the least valuable in terms of gaining joint ventures, and five stars is the best, the most valuable that marketers want to get their hands on for joint ventures.

Response Rate over Time: Response rate over time, measures how quickly the quality of the list diminishes, for example when sending endless paid for ads and nothing else, the response rate goes down over time. One star is the worst, where response rate over time goes down badly, five stars is the best, where people keep reading and even wait for your mail to arrive in their inboxes in the morning.

General Usefulness: For things such as research, surveys and requesting information, testimonials etc. Five stars is the best, easiest to get results from. One star is the worst, the hardest to get results from.

Maintenance Time: The time it takes per issue to put together and send out. One star is the worst, taking a lot of time to prepare and send. And, five stars is the best, the fastest, and the easiest to prepare and send out. Important note here: These are base figures and your exact results may be higher or lower than the following. It’s more to give you some insight into aiming your business in the right direction than to give you exact figures and numbers and guaranteed base earning, response rate, income, number of JV prospects etc.

The Four Methods of List Maintenance

E-zine Or Newsletter: The e-zine, or newsletter, is a list of people that you gather, and send information related to your target market on a weekly, biweekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. The idea is the useful content that you send them will have them want to keep reading and open your mail each time, keeping your response rates and read rates high.

Ok so here we have it. The staple of most online marketers before they hit is big, and sometimes even after, the well-known e-zine list. I’m sure you’ll already know from reading the intro here that this method in itself can actually become a lot of work. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of work, obviously, seeing as I’m sitting here writing a half million word report spread over 15 manuals, but when it gets to a particular point, it may not be prudent for you to run an e-zine anymore. This however is a good place to start if you have the time.

Expect to have to present an issue of your e-zine every week or two weeks and avoid leaving long, long gaps in between mailings, otherwise, quite simply people will forget you. This is a great place to start if you’re starting out, for the simple reason people like free info, and it’s so much easier to get people to subscribe to this type of list compared to others, even when there’s freebies involved. Of course, you will have to know a lot about your field of expertise to present regular useful issues, or even pull in outside articles from publishers to use as content.

The catch is you’ll have to be on top of things, and it does take some time to come up with good content for issues. The up side to this is people will be waiting for your e-zine. If it’s good and keeps people reading content wise, it’s a surefire way to keep response rates up and to make a connection with your subscribers, the personal touch, which in turn will add up to trust and a higher purchase rate for your own products.

The next upside to this is that you can sell ads for cash. To whom? To your subscribers of course. It’s an instant quick way to earn cash, by selling large solo ads that go out separately from the e-zine, to smaller ads that precede each issue, and even cheaper, mid and smaller ads contained within the issue. It’s a good all rounder in fact. The downside here is many e-zines turn into ad lists (Category 4, which we’ll talk about later). When the ads massively outnumber the useful content, subscribers start to feel cheated and leave. I’ve been there before, and if you’ve tested out or subscribed to some e-zines before you may have seen this.

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