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What Is A Twit?

A “twit” is a foolishly annoying person. We all know people who are twits and at least one point in our lives we have probably acted like a twit. There is an urban legend that says a pregnant goldfish is also called a twit, but since there is no such thing as a pregnant goldfish (goldfish lay eggs) we can pretty much put that legend to rest.

Before the birth of social networking, an annoying person was pretty much limited to annoying one person at a time. On some occasions, like family reunions or parties, a twit could annoy a small group of people at the same time. This problem was usually solved by not inviting the offending party to future events.

But now that social networking has arrived, there exists the potential to annoy thousands of people at the same time. One simply needs to do a Facebook update or send out simple tweets about the minutiae of everyday life. Pretty soon these updates will become very, very annoying. I really don’t care that my cousin has just return from buying a dozen eggs at the corner market or that her cat likes the new brand of cat food.

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