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Table of Contents

Introduction …… 4
Chapter 1 –How to select a great topic– … 5
Observe what’s going on around you .. 5
Spend a few minutes Googling ….. 5
And while you’re on the Internet… 6
Digging a little deeper ……7
How-to’s and hot topics… 8
Looking young …. 10
Health ….. 11
Travel ….. 11
Money….. 12
Life enrichment … 12
A few more topics bound to explode .. 13
Chapter 2 –Where to find great writers– . 16
Great things about ghostwriters … 16
What they can do …. 17
You can sit back while your eBook is being written 18
Where ghostwriters lurk . 18
Get ghostwriters competing for your eBook ….. 19
If you don’t want the project details public …… 22
Alternative to writer banks … 24
Some tips on posting your ghostwriter wanted ad . 25
Do it your way with ghostwriters . 27
Chapter 3 –How to choose the best writer for your project– …. 29
Why not just take the lowest bid? …… 29
More on client rankings .. 31
Before you seal the deal …… 32
Prepare for future projects … 34
“Wait! Why would an eBook need cover art?” 36
How to get a cover . 38
Hardest – do it yourself …. 38
A couple shortcuts ….. 38
My recommendation – hire an eBook cover designer .. 39
How to find an eBook cover art designer . 39
How to choose a designer … 40
What makes a great eBook cover? …. 41
Chapter 5 –How to sell your book on the web– …. 43
Get a presence on the web . 43
Designing your page ….. 44
Format your eBook 45
Get ready to accept credit cards . 46
Upload your information to the web … 47
Create a great sales letter for your book .. 47
A sales letter template you can use right now . 47
Selling strategies ….. 51
Make online marketing work for you .. 52
Chapter 6 –Where to find good, online eBook information– …. 53
EBook ghostwriters 53
More eBook ghostwriters, FYI only … 53
Templates for creating your own eBook covers ….. 54
EBook cover designers for hire, FYI only . 54
Free graphics software . 55
EBook cover software for purchase .. 55
Third party payment processors . 55
EBook discussion forum …… 55
EBook resales, FYI only …… 56
Some sample sales letters… 56
Places to get web hosting …. 56
Free .pdf converter . 56
Free FTP program . 56

Sample Content Preview

Find out the most popular nonfiction books from the New York Times bestseller list, Amazon, and a Google search for eBooks. Your findings will tell you exactly what book subjects people are buying right now.

Try this. Go to From the tabbed menu running along the top of the Amazon home page, click “Top Sellers.”

I did this one day in September 2005 and found a Harry Potter book, several other fiction books, and titles such as Natural cures “they” won’t tell you about, How what you wear can change your life, How to profit from the demise of the dollar, and The official SAT study guide. I’ve paraphrased to some degree, but you get the idea. Here’s what I learned just from spending a few minutes on Amazon that day. People are reading good fiction from already-best selling authors (Da Vinci Code, the Harry Potter series, and others). Secondly, Amazon buyers, buying over the Internet, are interested in nonfiction topics such as improving their lives and making more money. For these books, just about any author will do, even virtual unknowns or people who went to prison for lying to the American public.

And that quick visit only confirmed that the straightest route to eBook profits is in the nonfiction eBook market. This is for a number of reasons. Fiction readers tend to like to curl up in a chair with an actual book. Some of them attend book clubs where the physical books are brought around someone’s kitchen table with wine and cheese. Fiction readers tend to purchase from authors they’re already familiar with. Fiction can be more difficult to write and deliver well. Also, many of the classics in fiction are available as free eBooks. A reader interested in fiction could just download those. So stick with nonfiction unless you’re feeling particularly bold and experimental.

Here is some more good news, and if you didn’t already know this then you are going to be smiling big. Drum roll please… ideas are not copyrighted, therefore any idea you see, hear, or read anywhere anytime, is yours to use for an eBook! You can create books around the same ideas that are covered in the Amazon best seller list, and turnaround and create an eBook on the exact same subject!

Now, copyright law does protect the way ideas are expressed, so you want to make sure your hired author does not plagiarize or copy book text outright. And you cannot use the title word for word either. But there’s nothing stopping you from creating another book or eBook that covers the same subject with a different voice. It’s all as completely legal and guilt-free as nonfat Haagen Dazs. This is why looking at bestseller lists is a great way to get topic ideas.

Digging a little deeper

There are groups of people who are willing to buy nonfiction eBooks: hobbyists. At any given time, these people are looking for ways to spend their money on their hobbies. Their passion is your financial gain.

What avid hobbyists want will always make great eBook material. Note that I did not say what hobbyists need. You may have certain opinions on what exactly certain people should need or should read. But those are not necessarily good topics for immediate eBook profit. Those topics may be areas for you to dabble in at your leisure. However, if you want to make money at this, find out what niche groups want, and hit those groups with your eBook.

Find hobbyists and niche groups by searching the web for “popular hobbies,” “enthusiasts,” or “what America is buying.” Or, you can search specifically for forums and discussion groups for hobbyists. In the forums, people talk with each other to share ideas with one another. Often, they will exchange testimonials for equipment, upcoming events, and books.

One popular site where hobbyists go to talk to one another online is Yahoo!. Check it out. Go to Click “groups.” On the groups page you’ll see a list of categories such as Business & finance, and Religion. For demonstration purposes, click on “Games.”

On the games screen, game subcategories are listed followed by numbers. The numbers indicate how many discussion forums are available for that subcategory. These numbers reveal a lot. Notice how “role playing games,” and “video & computer games” have factors of ten or in some cases factors of 100 more forums than other subcategories. “Wargaming” and “paintball” don’t even come close, although those categories are much more discussion-laden than “horseshoe pitching.”

For fun, one day I continued selecting subcategories until I arrived at a list of over a thousand (yes a thousand) discussion groups on Yahoo having to do with vampire role playing. Here’s how I got there: Games>>Role Playing Games>>Live Action>> World of Darkness>>Vampire: The Masquerade.

Some of the forums are open to new members, and you can join to read what everyone’s discussing. Once in the forum, you can review discussion threads from today, yesterday, or a year ago. Don’t go back too far if you want to find out the hottest possible eBook topics. You can participate in discussions if you like. FYI, do not drop into a discussion group just to market an eBook; hobbyists consider this spam and will drop you from the group.

When you read and/or participate, you’ll find out what this group is buying. All you have to do is skim to find out what questions they are asking each other about products or traveling or information. What they are interested in buying is a key piece of information because passionate consumers love to research before they buy. This is an immediate eBook market. Create a book on how to select the best this or that on the market, related to the current wants of the enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. Think brides-to-be, golfers, whitewater rafters, people who collect vintage baseball cards, wine connoisseurs, gardeners, frequent vacationers, video gamers, and parents who put their children into private tutoring, ballet, and violin lessons before age 3.

There are some hobbies that seem to continually attract enthusiasts, like playing golf, watching football, restoring old cars, and listening to music. These are classics. Then there are some hobbies that seem to come and go in waves, such as Red Hat Societies participation, snow boarding, or line dancing. Pick either a classic hobby or a fluctuating hobby in its peak season for your best odds.

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