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Do not spam people. This practice isn’t just annoying; it can get you in trouble with Federal regulators.


There are some offer strategies that can significantly increase the odds that people will click the link you provide in your emails and reply to your offer. Giving out some sort of reward or bonus for taking the action you requested is a good way to motivate people to respond. It can also be a great way to introduce people to your products and services if you do it right. The minute someone responds to an offer, they get entered into your sales funnel and you can market to them further down the line for a sale. While you do want to try to have regular sales emails, some emails to prospective customers are better set up to generate leads and introduce yourself to the potential customer. Keeping that in mind, here are a few strategies to get closer to people who may be seeing your emails, but haven’t overcome their resistance to buy from you yet.


Writing up special reports that inform people about your niche or about different ways to solve their problems is a great way to introduce yourself to a prospective client. They are easy to send via an instant download and you can make subscribing to your email list a prerequisite for getting the free report. It costs nothing and it generates good rapport with your prospective clients.


People love to give out their opinions or to test their knowledge with online quizzes. Setting a link to a poll or quiz in an email is easy, and if the subject is interesting enough, you may find your email gets forwarded to others. Make it a condition to submit an email address to see the results of the poll or quiz, and this will also provide you with leads.


If you are selling coaching services, a free 15-minute consultation can be the open door you need to get a larger contract. Whether you choose to do it via a phone number, chat, or show call-in, you can use this format to not only introduce yourself, but to sell your services too. It sets you up as the expert in a particular topic and is a way to get people to trust you enough to buy from you, someone they now know. KNOW WHEN TO SEND

Responsive customers aren’t just a function of technology and slick marketing offers. They can also be a function of availability. Let’s face it; most people are NOT available during holidays. That’s the time they are spending face-to-face time with their families and relatives and are generally not online. If you create a stunning email marketing campaign and roll it out during a holiday, it is bound to flop. Therefore, knowing when to send and what times are best for what type of mailing action is crucial to getting better response rates.


As an Internet marketer, you may not follow a standard workweek, but more than likely, your customers do. That’s why it’s important to understand the psychology of why some days are better than others for different actions, and mostly it’s because people are following a standard workweek. Research has shown some clear trend on specific days for open rates. FRIDAY IS FUN DAY

Friday rolls around and people are ready to relax and take in the weekend. They may hop online to see what’s going on and what their friends are doing. That’s why Friday has the highest open rates of any other day of the week. If you want to have a better chance of people opening your emails, make sure you send them out before Friday.


It seems Tuesday is the day Internet marketers send out most of their emails as it has the highest send rates. Realistically, Wednesday may be a better choice if you want to stand out from the crowd and get your emails in line for Friday. However, by Thursday, you will probably start to experience some drop-off in response rates.


Does this tell you when to send out your own email marketing campaigns. Yes and no. It’s a good idea to try to use the standard workweek to make sure to avoid days when it definitely is not a good idea to send a campaign out, like Sunday. Other than that, you can pay attention to the open rates for your particular subscribers to be sure they follow similar trends. It may be that their business doesn’t work on a standard workweek and that the general model won’t be well suited for you. So, do some testing of your own.

Have you seen the “forward to a friend” request at the bottom of some emails? That’s an attempt to get you to refer the offer to one of your friends. It’s generally well known that referrals make the best lead-in to a sale because you are more likely to buy or trust something a friend has recommended than you are to just believe the marketer. In that view, referrals are really good for business, but are they good for email campaigns? They can contribute to helping you reach more people, but they shouldn’t be your only email marketing strategy. Here is how to properly implement a referral-getting email program.


Your reader won’t know that you even want a referral if you don’t ask for it. Make it a point to ask for a referral at the end of your email if you want to use this strategy. Try to offer some benefit for getting the word out about you or your products.


Offering discounts and coupons for sign-ups can also increase the probability that someone is going to take you up on your offer to forward the same thing to a friend. Friends know what other friends are shopping for and are always willing to forward discounts and coupons that can save their friends money. Some reward programs are specific to people who sign up, but when you offer the discount or coupon, you can tell them to forward to a friend who, when registering, will also get an additional coupon or bonus.


Everyone loves a sweepstakes and word-of-mouths on contests and sweepstakes rank right up there with coupons and discounts. With sweepstakes, the more chance people have to win, the more often people will enter. In order to increase their odds of winning or having someone they know win, people will forward sweepstakes to friends and family to sign up. Sweepstakes don’t usually involve buying anything, just registering for the prize.

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