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Part I- How To Have Great Hair At A Budget Price – (282 Words)
Part II- Trim The Guest List To Stay Within Your Budget – (246 Words)
Part III- Reception Tricks, Tips And Cutbacks – (240 Words)
Part IV- The Day Of Your Wedding Can Save You Money – (243 Words)
Part V- Save Money On Wedding Photos – (206 Words)

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You’ll probably spend many hours looking for the right gown, the perfect accessories, and the ideal veil.  The one thing that you need to finish off the look is the right hairstyle.  Of course, if you have a budget that you need to stick to you’ll want to find the right look at the right price.
 Get the advice of a professional and ask to see a few different styles that you know won’t cost you a fortune.  You’ll want to find just the right look for the type of wedding dress that you’re wearing.  You want a design that is going to complement your wedding gown without taking away from the whole overall look or appearing too overbearing.
 One thing to keep in mind is that you keep is feminine and cute.  If you have short hair you’ll want to add a volumizer to give you the lift that you need to hold your veil.  Short hair looks great adorned with small accessories but once again remember not to make your hair the focus of your wedding look.
 If you have longer hair there are more things that you can do such as keeping it loose and flowing or pinning it up with a few flowers that match the flowers that you’re going to be carrying.
 No matter what style of hair that you choose make sure that you ask for a price ahead of time so that you know how much of your budget you need to set aside to have the perfect hairstyle.

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