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Part I- Speed Reading: A Brief Tutorial – (318 Words)
Part II- Speed Reading: Getting Started – (317 Words)
Part III- Speed Reading Tips – (331 Words)
Part IV- Practice Speed Reading For 15 Minutes A Day – (334 Words)
Part V- Speed Reading As A Family Activity – (309 Words)

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If you’ve decided that you want to learn to speed read, it’s important to consider that it’s a learned skill. Just as swimming or riding a bike is a learned skill, speed reading is the same.  They all take practice.  As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. 
Even though you have the basic skill of reading mastered, it takes more than just moving your eyes faster along the page to become good at speed reading.  It takes concentration, determination and a set time each day devoted to practice.
Pick a time during the day when you are alert and not too tired.  Trying to speed read near the end of a stressful day isn’t wise.  Your mind will be clouded with the images of the day and the pressing needs of the next day.  Many people find it easiest to practice their speed reading either in the morning or at mid-day.  At these times you are alert and are still not as fully immersed in the pressures of your day as you are later.
Choose a part of your day when you will have fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time.  Find a quiet spot and spend that fifteen minutes concentrating on your reading and on increasing your reading speed.  If you do this each day, your reading speed will naturally increase.  It’s much the same principle as learning to play a musical instrument.  Time is regularly devoted to practicing the instruments and before long the noises coming from the instrument become a recognizable tune. 
Taking your speed reading seriously and practicing it will guarantee success.  Before long you’ll be able to work your way through a book in a fraction of the time it took you in the past.  Fifteen minutes a day is a small investment to make for a result as big as having the ability to speed read.

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