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Table Of Contents

Why It’s Important to Train Our Brains    3
Purpose of Brain Training    3
Why Brain Training is so Important    4
The Effectiveness of Brain Training    5
Learning about Brain Training    6
Training Our Brains    7
Brain Training the Modern Way    7
Brain Training for Therapy    8
Keeping Your Brain Healthy with Brain Training    9
Brain Training Exercises    10
How Effective is Brain Training    11
Brain Training Software    12
Brain Training to Improve Memory    12
Brain Training for Multiple Sclerosis Patients    13
Ways You Can Provide Your Own Brain Training    14
Using Brain Games as Brain Training    15
Chess as a Brain Training Tool    16
Improve Your Driving Ability with Brain Training    17
Brain Training with Your iPhone or iPod    17
Brain Training Games    18
Popular Brain Training Games    19
Training Your Brain by Reading    20
Simple Facts about Brain Training    21

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Why It’s Important to Train Our Brains

For as much as we believe we train our brains and give them a good workout, we seldom actually do it on a regular basis. In most cases, our brains are not used in a balanced way. We’re creatures of habit. We find a way to do things that we consider comfortable and we seldom change our ways.

Many of the physical activities we perform each day are done with one side of our body, without even giving it much though. If we’re not giving something much thought, we’re not exercising or training our brains.

We also get very set in the way we feel emotionally about things or people, which does not give our brains much stimulation or cause for thought. These are not things we consciously set out to do in our lives but rather habits that have developed because of the way our brains function, mostly because of genetics. For instance, it’s not our choice to be right handed. It just happens that way, and we seldom give it much thought.

We are also the result of year’s old biological factors that affect our skills, moods and social habits. Our brains and brain functions are also the result of our culture and upbringing. Although many of us argue the old nature versus nurture theory, studies indicate that training our brains to be more active can play an important role in how we act, feel and how successful we are in life.

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