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Employing Imagery – How to Sharpen your Short-Term Memory


Using imagery is a great method in sharpening short-term memory. The short-term memory is like a mini audio camera. That is the memory takes snap shots of pictures it sees. The memory also listens to words it hears picking out the key points, which is sent to the long-term memory for storage. The entire picture is delivered subconsciously; meaning that if you try hard enough you can recapture entire words said to you, entire pictures you have seen.

The key is using strategies, such as imagery to recall words, actions, events, and the like. How does it work?

Per se, you make out a grocery list and like always forget to take the list with you at what time you visit the supermarkets. This is me, and I know I am not alone in this world. What can you do? You can imagine you in the supermarket visiting every isle in the store. Picture all the items in the store and consider each item carefully. For instance, you are walking down isle number 9 and see hair spray on the top shelve. Oh yes, you say and realize that you need hair spray. You continue this process until you cultivate an entire list in your mind, and repeat the process until it reaches the long-term memory.

Most things we experience in life that affects the short and long-term memory includes sounds, smells, touches, words, pictures, objects, and the like. You can take advantage of this, by considering your needs. Say you have a taste bud for something good to eat, yet you just can’t pinpoint what you want. You consider scanning the brain and an image hits your mind, and what it unfolds is an orange. There you have it; your taste buds are calling for an orange. What just transpired in your mind is a visualization imagery of an orange, which the short-term memory called back from smells, taste, and visual contact.

To cultivate an imagery strategy to recall details you will need to practice as well as use the three level questionnaires that helps you to construct visual aiding, or imagery connection. The levels include:

A. Do you see the object and a few details that are visual on the item?

B. Do you see colors visible on the objects?

C. Do you see the item in connection with something associating with the item?

Using the three-level guideline will help you to formulate imagery tactics that will enhance your short-term memory. Remember, practice brings rewards. The more effort you put into cultivating your short-term memory, the more you will get from your efforts.

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