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What Type of Bow Should You Buy?
All About Arrows
Accessories for Your Bow Hunting Experience
Shooting Aids
How to Shoot a Bow
How to Tune Your Bow
Tips for Taking Care of Your Tackle
Basic Hunting Gear
Physical Preparation for the Hunting Experience
Basic Methods of Hunting
How to Insure You Make the Shot
Bow Hunting for Deer
Bow Hunting for Bear, Antelope and Elk
Taking Your Hunt Home (Field Dressing and packing out)
Licensing and Hunting Laws

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What Type of Bow Should You Buy?

The bow and arrow is an ancient used for thousands of years. It is made of two parts namely the bow and the cord. The bow is made of a piece of flexible material or wood. The cord connects the two ends of the piece to create tension. The arrow uses the tension to propel itself. The arrow is a straight shaft having a sharp point at one end. It may have feathers to the other end to support propulsion. Here are the different kinds of bows.

The Longbow

The longbow was first approved as a formal military weapon way back in 1252. It has a very narrow limb and a thick core. The longbow is very stable and can easily be shot when titled or canted. The bow is made to shoot different draw weights. These can shoot very fast as well. Longbow is made usually by hand and is generally lightweight. These are shot without the use of sights.

The longbow usually has a lot of bends and knots. To create a very stable and usable longbow, manufacturers have to fix all the imperfections patiently. The knobbles and knots have to be carefully followed to get rid of weak areas. These may be raised without resulting to any bow weakness. The longbow is not considered as a fancy weapon, although young archers tend to decorate it.

More on the Longbow

Longbows are known to be self-nocking. This means that the nocks for the string were considered a vital part of the bow. Some of the fancier kinds of bow have ivory or horn nocks tied to the end. In other cases, the nock was a part of the bow wood. The bowstrings are generally made of high quality linen or flax, and are impregnated with beeswax to repel dew and rain. Spare strings are carefully broken in during practice. Archers are asked to bring two spare bowstrings.

The Composite Bow

The Egyptians were the first to create the composite bow in 2800 B.C. Archers on light chariots were the main users of this kind. A composite bow is made of different materials like sinew, horn and wood glued together to boost the natural elasticity and strength. The composite bow provides high quality velocity, accuracy and distance compared to the longbow.

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