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Introduction, Foreword – GETTING STARTED            Pages 3-9

The rationale about being informed, prepared and knowledgeable OUT-OF-DOORS, IN NATURAL SURROUNDINGS or THE WILD

SECTION 1: THE BASICS OF OUT-OF-DOOR, WILD ADVENTURE SURVIVAL                                           Pages 9-25

SURVIVAL 101: Essentials and necessities for any and all skill-levels (even newbies and city-dwellers, those unfamiliar with making, living and surviving outside, in mother nature)
INSTINCTS: Knowing what to know, when, why and how best to use it to preserve your life and SURVIVE

Section 2: SEVEN CRITICAL OUTDOORS SKILLS and MUST-HAVES                                                    Pages 25-49
Taking care of and treating yourself medically, first aid skills, injury, accident, wounded, hurt and other emergency must have’s
Navigation, trials and finding your way around – what to do if you are lost
Equipment, tools, Camp-site, daily routines and activities
Wild beasts and animals in the wild, insects, snakes, natural inhabitants, other creatures and threats
Hiking, climbing, mountaineering, scaling
Rope-handling, Ropes and Tying Knots for rock-climbing and Mountaineering
Fire-arms, weapons, knives and such related tools, gadgets and protective functional gear

Closing Remarks                                         Pages 50-59
Resources, References and Online Links                          Page 60

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Introduction, Foreword – GETTING STARTED

The rationale about being informed, prepared and knowledgeable OUT-OF-DOORS, IN NATURAL SURROUNDINGS or THE WILD

Whether you are into mainstream Modern Wilderness Survival and/or Primitive Technology, short-term (1-4 days) medium-term (5-40 days), long-term (40 days plus) survival will all need their priorities and skill-levels for us to survive and thrive. Practice and environment will have a lot to say/do, influence here.

Preparation for a trip, advice, recommendations, guidance, strategies and plans, PRIOR TO DEPARTURE, dealing with eventualities can and will save your life in most cases.

When we talk about OUTDOOR SURVIVAL, many a relevant topic for discussion might prop up, like

Debris shelters and all forms of Survivalist priorities
Even weapons and firearms
Free Survival Manuals
Hiking equipment
Online survival guides
Outdoor education
Survival kits
Survival knives, tools and other equipment to consider, back-pack checklists
Survival tips

… and many more!

When you are roughing it so to speak, going without the amenities, protection and safeguards of civilized living, for some gets the blood, energy and excitement rushing their veins. Others are uncertain as to how to survive in harsh, out of doors type of places.

Whether you opt for water, mountain or other related land adventure, like trekking, hiking, horseback riding that takes you into the un-touched, un-charted and wild outdoors, unconfined air, open spaces, camping, what we refer to as the so-called wilderness is generally seen as those locations and places, where the natural environment on Earth remains untouched and not modified by human activity, influence or intervention.

Surviving and thriving means different things in differing circumstances and locations, eventualities, to a variety of people. Sometimes it is a matter of perspective, almost always what makes the difference between life and death.

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