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But this doesn’t always work. If it was that easy, then everyone would be earning a fortune through AdWords. The problem is that there’s just too much competition, which means you need to be much smarter about your approach.

And guess what one of the best strategies you can possibly use is? Placing ads with Bing instead of Google!

Surprised? Read on and I’ll explain why this is the perfect strategy!

First, let’s look at how to build a flawless PPC campaign. This is some powerful, free information you’re getting right here that you can start using today to drive more visitors to your site. So listen up!

Because the key to an effective PPC campaign is to be precise and to know your numbers. If you do both those things right, then there’s no way that you can fail to get results.

So how do you go about this?

For starters, let’s very quickly recap on PPC. PPC means Pay Per Click, which of course means you are paying for clicks. That means you don’t pay if someone doesn’t look at or interact with your ad. This is good news because a click means a visitor and that means you now know precisely how much your visitors are costing you.

The next step then is to work out how much your visitors are worth to you. You can do this by doing some quick math: calculate how many visitors you have a day and how many products you sell a day. Then calculate how much profit you make on each of those products.

So if you have an ebook worth $50 and you sell one of those every two days, then 1,000 visitors a day means you make $100 for every 2,000 hits. Thus each visitor is worth 0.025cents to you right now. You can increase this by increasing the cost of your book or by improving your conversion rate. The higher you can make this number, the better your campaign will be.

Because once you have this number, you have an amount you can pay for guaranteed profits. If you make 10 cents per visitor, then you can pay up to 9 cents per click and come away with almost guaranteed money in the bank at the end of a campaign.

Now you can set up your campaign with that in mind. If you set your CPC (cost per click) to 9 cents then this will be your maximum bid. A lot of the time you’ll pay less than that (you enter into automatic bidding wars for each ad space) but this will be the maximum amount you spend. From there, you can then set your budget to however much you put aside for advertising. But you should make this money back if you’ve set this up properly.

Then what you’re going to do is to create an ad title and text that filters your visitors. And you’re going to target the precise right keywords that have the minimum competition while providing a lot of potential customers for your products.

For example, you should target specific keywords like ‘buy hats online’ to make sure that the leads you’re acquiring are qualified and ready to buy from you. At the same time, you should try to use phrases like ‘Buy $30 hat online’ to make sure that people looking for cheaper hats won’t click on your links!

The great news is that this will actually increase your profits more. Sure, right now your traffic is worth X amount to you per person. But this traffic is traffic that has shown an interest in your product and that already knows the price. The conversion rate for these specific visitors will be MUCH higher.

So that means you can start with your low estimate – your guaranteed ‘safe’ number – and then increase the amount you spend once you can work out the conversion rates for these highly targeted visitors. Once you know that number, you can increase your PPC, thereby winning more bids and gaining more exposure for your products and services and without ever risking investing money that you might not make back!

So what does Bing have to do with all this?

Well, as mentioned, things are of course not quite so easy as you would probably like to imagine.

Because let’s say that you are currently making money from AdSense and a small product. There’s a good chance that your conversion rate will be lower than .1% for that book unless you really know what you’re doing. And chances are that you won’t be charging much more than 20% for it. Meanwhile, money from PPC as a publisher is paltry.

So your value per customer is likely to be VERY low. This now gives you a very low maximum bid, meaning that if you bid on a popular search term on Google ‘Fitness eBooks’ for example, then your ad will never get shown. Your maximum bid at 2cents is going to be beaten by those larger companies every single time and your ad will never get seen.

So you spend more money – because that’s the gut reaction most of us have – and this then results in you actually losing out because you’re not making the sales to fund that.

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