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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Essential Tools For A Professional Handyman
Chapter 2:
Top Skills 1: Woodworking
Chapter 3:
Top Skills 2: Plumbing
Chapter 4:
Top Skills 3: Basic Electronics
Chapter 5:
Top Skills 4: Advanced Electronics
Chapter 6:
Protect Yourself From Injuries
Wrapping Up

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There is usually a set style of tools that is suitable for anyone wanting to be a handyman. This is quite basic and should be very easy to acquire.

Become A Professional Repair Expert In 30 Days

Chapter 1: Essential Tools For A Professional Handyman


Good tools can make the difference between a well done and easy experience and a frustrating and poorly finished job. This is one of the secrets of a good handyman, as matching the correct tools to the job is part of getting the best results and an overall satisfying experience.

The Basic Tools

The following are some of the tools that should be part of the tool kit of a professional handyman:

• A 16oz hammer is perhaps the most important tool to have. However, the weight of the hammer can vary according to the individual’s preference. Getting one that has a rubberized grip would be even better.

• A saw is another handyman tool that is considered important as it is able to do all the cutting jobs that may be required. A saw with a cross cut should be able to handle most jobs. Try to keep the length and size smaller as this will ensure it is easy to store in the kit.

• Screwdrivers that come in a set of about 6 pieces will be adequate to handle almost any job. Here too, getting the ones with a rubberized grip would be a better option to look for.

• Tape and a stapler are both tools a kit cannot do without. Although these items may seem simple, they are able to keep almost anything is place either temporarily or permanently.

• A drill with a good variety of bits will facilitate any handyman job very well. Getting both the cordless and the electric drill will be ideal for the handyman who needs the flexibility of both types.

• Level bars are also another essential item, as they are a good measuring gauge to ensure all the fixtures and items are placed in a level and balanced manner.

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