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Begin by lying on the floor with the lower portion of your back firmly against the floor. Place the palms of your hands behind your head with your elbows pointed forward.

Use your legs in a pedaling motion to touch their opposite elbows as they are raised towards your chest. (Right knee touches left elbow, left knee touches right elbow). Keep your breath regulated during this exercise.





Begin in the same starting position as a normal crunch (lying on your back on the floor), but place your left foot across your right knee. While performing a crunch, lift your upper body to the right instead of straight up. Perform all repetitions for that side of your body before switching to the other side of your body. All repetitions on both sides of your body count as a single set.




(upper & lower, transversus abs, obliques.)

Clasp your hands in front of you with your arms straight. Begin to twist only your upper torso to one side as far as you can comfortably go then twist to the other. Sitting on your hips with your feet off the floor requires your to work your upper and lower abdominals as well as your transverse abs. The twisting motion engages your obliques. The important thing when performing this exercise is to keep the core as tight as possible throughout the motion and to keep your back straight throughout the motion. One full rotation to the left, then to the right equals one complete repetition.

Keep twisting – but keep the movement somewhat at a slow pace. You do not want to jerk the weight around and injure your lumbar in any way.

Designing Your Personal Workout Plan

Step 1: Select Your Difficulty Level

Everyone has different level of core stability and strength. Choose to begin at the level most appropriate for you.

If you’re beginning to work your abdomen for the first time (or have not worked in awhile), start with easy exercises. If done properly, easy exercises will still challenge your core while building a necessary foundation.

Do not greedily skip to hard exercises. Beginning with advanced exercises will lead you to use poor form to compensate for lack of core strength. This will delay your core development and also increase your risk of injury.

If you are more advanced and have been working out regularly, begin with medium or hard exercises to better challenge your core. If you are unsure of your fitness level, try different difficulty levels to find the core workout that works best for you.

Step 2: Choose your exercises

All of the exercises listed above are classified by abdominal region. Choose one or two exercises from each region to work the entire abdomen. Do not neglect any one abdominal area. Keep in mind that there is no one work out that only targets one region.

For beginner, you will be starting with easy exercises. A complete abdominal routine includes reverse crunches (upper abs), crunches: knees bent (lower abs), side crunches (obliques), and twist (transverse abs).

As a beginner, try to avoid combination exercises at first, as these tend to be more difficult and potentially risk injury.

If you are a frequent workout goer, you can start with medium or hard difficulty exercises. A complete ab routine include seated knee raises (upper abs), toe touches (lower abs), hanging leg raises with bent knees: twisting (obliques), exercise ball roll-outs (transverse abs), and bicycles (upper/lower/obliques).

Step 3: Check that Your Selected Exercises are NOT High Risk

Certain advanced combination exercises are not suitable for men with back problems. If you have injuries prior to performing these workouts, always check if a certain workout will risk worsening your injuries or not.

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