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Part I- Beat A Speeding Ticket The Ultimate Way – (333 Words)
Part II- Avoiding Radar Hot-Spots – (363 Words)
Part III- The Controversy Of Radar Detectors – (318 Words)
Part IV- Speeding Near A Police Officer – (316 Words)
Part V- Helping Teenagers Beat Speeding Tickets – (308 Words)

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It seems that in almost every city and town the police find locations that enable them to take cover from speeders. It might be behind a sign or a rather large growth of trees, but there are radar hot-spots in almost every community.
Knowing where these locations are can save the average motorist a lot of trouble and money because it affords them the knowledge they need to avoid getting caught speeding. One valuable resource towards figuring out where the police may be camped with their radar or laser guns is to listen to the radio. Virtually every radio station has traffic updates – several minutes every hour where they detail important points regarding traffic. One of these details is where the police may be tracking speeders.
Listening to this frequently might reveal a pattern, a pattern that the police are following in setting up their speeding stings. To the aware motorist this information is priceless; they can slow down well before the intersection in question and sail through the speed trap without a scratch. It also plays another important role and that is that often the police will return to the same site if they are successful in nabbing several speeders. It might be a stretch of road that people generally speed up on and therefore the police see it as valuable in their fight against speeders.
It’s also important for the motorist to keep their eyes on the road. Often people who are more familiar with a certain area will slow down if they know it’s a place where the police like to camp-out and catch speeders. If you pay attention to how others are driving, this can be a good indication of where the police might be waiting with their speed tracking equipment.
In the event that the police are already pulling another motorist over, that’s a warning sign to you for the next time you drive that road or street. You’ll know that they could be there which means you’ll slow down to below the limit to avoid being the next one they ticket.

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