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Introduction 4
Anatomy Of A Successful Article 5
What’s So Great About “Article Marketing” Anyway? 9
Overview Of The “Article Domination Method” 13
– Step#1: Keyword Research 14
– Step#2: Choose Your Article Format: 3 Proven Types 22
– Step#3: 5 Quick, Creative Techniques To Get Article Content 24
– Step#4: How To Write A “Killer” Article Title 30
– Step#5: How To Write A Quality, Keyword Rich Article 31
– Step#6: How To Craft A Compelling Resource Box 40
– Step#7: Locate Article Submission Outlets 43
– Step#8: How To Efficiently Submit Your Articles 44
– Step#9: Step-by-Step Marketing Plan For Niche Domination 51
33 Quality Article Directories You Can Submit To For FREE 54
Summary 56 Valuable Resources 57
Internet Marketing Resources 63
Make Money With This Book 65
About The Author 67

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First off, I’d like to say “Thanks” for your investment in my ebook. I truly believe you’ll find it to be one of the best Internet Marketing values on the topic of Article Marketing.

I’ve chosen the topic, Gardening, to illustrate the “Article Domination Method” and to keep the learning focused. Please note: I know very little about the subject of Gardening (as my wife can attest to).

Also, I am not currently involved in this niche. That’s not to say it isn’t a profitable niche, it probably is.

Who knows, maybe you’re into gardening and can gain some insight into exploiting this niche as an added bonus!

Stop the presses! I just got back from the bookstore and found over 20 different magazines devoted to gardening. I knew it was popular… but not THAT popular! This is a sure sign that there is money to be made in this niche!

Before we plunge into the “Article Domination Method,” I’d like to discuss the anatomy of a successful article and show you visual proof of just how powerful Article Marketing can be.

Ready? Then let’s go!

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