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 Antique or Collectible
Deciding What to Collect
What Should You Pay
Adding to Your collection
Buying Antique Fine Art
When to Get an Appraisal
Fine Antique Furniture
Fine China, Porcelain and Glassware
Antique jewelry
Rugs, Tapestries and Textiles
Native American Artifacts
Pre-Columbia Art
Collecting Dolls
Baseball cards
How to Make Money in This Trade

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Antique or Collectible

An Antique or a Collectible? Could you Tell the Difference?

Collection. This is more than just gathering objects out of passion. For the person who is consumed in bringing together pieces that have significance to him, this is actually an art. Collection is an art that has long been with us since the dawn of civilization. The likes of Pope Bonifatius VIII, the famous poet named Petrarch, Cosimo de Medici (1389-1464), Joseph Mickley of Philadelphia, to Walter Niggeler, all who had the same fervor in coin collecting. Some of these famous collectors were just plain collectors while some of them could be considered antique collectors. Confused? Don’t be.

Antiques are collectible items that are at least a century old. Anything below that time frame is just a mere collectible (at least this is the gauge for most items). Some modern inventions such as the automobile or other gadgets could have a lower time frame. Cell phones that constantly evolve have a faster rate of becoming antiques. The cell phones that were used during the 80’s are now considered antiques. Other characteristics that qualify an item to be an antique are their rarity, unique features, age (they usually have witnessed eras that have long since gone), and condition. But the accepted and definite classification of an antique is if it is a century old or older.

The term antique could both be a positive and a devaluating term. It could be positive when an item is declared rare, hence, expensive. On the other hand, if a newer item such as a cell phone or personal computer becomes outdated and termed an antique, then the value of these items depreciates, sometimes they even become obsolete.

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