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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Importance Of A Strong Mind

Chapter 3: How To Know If You Are Under Attack

Chapter 4: Learn How To Take Control Of Your Energy Levels

Chapter 5: Learn How To Battle Negative Energy

Chapter 6: Learn How To Be Grounded

Chapter 7: Learn Spiritual Cleansing

Chapter 8: Learn To Release Fear

Chapter 9: Surround Yourself With “White Light”

Wrapping Up

Use Positive Affirmations

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Chapter 5:

Learn How To Battle Negative Energy


“Negative” energy is the destructive energy which can result to bad karma and loss of fortune. It could also act as an obstacle to your life in almost all aspects. Fortunately, there are several ways to fight and prevent negative energy. On the other hand, these ways will only work when you put determination, diligence and that you do everything that must be done to eliminate them completely. Learn how you can fight the negative energy by knowing the steps below:

How To Overcome Negative Energy

1. Avoid people who think negatively, as it is one of the best ways to ward off the negative energy they have. You have to stay and mingle with positive-thinkers.

2. Stop your negative thoughts and be optimistic at all times. This can be challenging and a difficult thing to do, but giving more attention to the way that your mind is working and changing your usual way of thinking about anything is even more life-challenging. Instead of minding and spending your time on your mistakes and failures, turn you attention to your achievements and set new goals to motivate yourself to be positive-minded.

3. Show kindness to every person you meet. This person can be the barista who serves your coffee, your husband or wife or your co-employees. Being positive-minded when it comes to other people will also help you a lot in avoiding negative energy.

4. Engage yourself in certain physical activities. Keep in mind that exercise helps in the production of endorphins, and this will make you feel better both mentally and physically. When you feel that negative energy starts to affect you, performing certain exercises like walking, yoga or jogging will help you a lot in avoiding negative energy.

5. Set higher standards. Once you notice that there is something wrong and you start to think negatively, always say to yourself that you deserve the best.

6. Always put trust in yourself. Overcome negative energy by telling yourself that it will not last for a lifetime. Always tell yourself that you can do what’s inside your mind. Always have determination to succeed.
Following these ways will help you fight the negative energies that surround you. Make your psychological aspect strong enough and do these practices to encourage more positive energy instead of the negative ones. Always remember that warding off the negative energy is one of the most important parts of the psyche self-defense strategy.

Chapter 6:

Learn How To Be Grounded


In this ever-changing and fast-paced community, finding the way to become grounded is a very important aspect that can help you lower the level of your stress and improve your life quality. You have to stay grounded, and you can do it by performing certain internal work or by forming some solid external practices.

Get Grounded

When you develop a secure and abundant internal life, you can remain humble while you achieve success continuously. Moreover, it will help you in maintaining a good self-image every time you experience setbacks or rejections which are considered usual aspects of a person’s life. Here are the steps that you should follow to keep yourself grounded:

1. Take time to talk to God, meditate and enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment. Give more time to yourself, and the best time to do this is in the morning before you start a busy working day. Write down your feelings on paper if this will help you concentrate more. Also, always try to organize all your feelings and thoughts.

2. Take risks and be brave to face them. Never attempt to hide all your mistakes. Instead, admit them right away and learn from the lessons they teach you. Feel free to ask for assistance whenever you require it.

3. Create three-by-five cards that will assist you over the probable rough spots within your life. Write your favorite perspective-developing quote, scripture or mantra, then carry it by keeping it inside your wallet or briefcase. Get it when you begin to struggle with self-doubt or pride. Read it several times until you feel that your feet are firmly down on the ground.

4. Create measurable and achievable goals and dreams for yourself. Make a schedule of your tasks to be done every day.

5. Surround yourself and spend your time with your friends or family members who accept and love you completely, but are not afraid to tell you about the weaknesses you have. Ask them to give you feedback regularly, especially about the way you behave when it comes to relationships. Also, ask them about the way they see you when you are trying to do what you have promised.

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