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PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Know Your Woods
How to Select Good Wood
All about Hand Tools
Power Tools
How to Plan a Home Workshop
How to Design and Build a Work Bench
Safety in the Workshop
Designing in Wood – The Fine Points
What Are Veneers
What Are Man-made Woods
Woodworking Terminology
Start Small
Where to Shop For Good Tools
The Finishing Touch

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Know Your Woods

Know your lumber

The first step for any new woodworker is to gain a solid knowledge of the different types of woods. Certain woods are best for specific uses and it can be counter productive to use an inappropriate wood for a project that requires a different type.

It’s a good idea to have an overall understanding of the different classifications of woods and a discussion of different tree species and the woods they produce.

Here are some of the tree species classified into hardwoods and softwoods, together with the description of the wood they produce.

1. Hardwoods

Hardwood lumber comes from deciduous trees, which have characteristics like broad sets of leaves, capability to bear fruits or nuts, and dormancy during winter. These trees can be seen growing in regions with a temperate climate. Since not all species are strong enough, most lumbers produced are seldom used for flooring and structural purposes.

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