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This might not sound like a hack. After all, you probably already know about Facebook Ads. The surprising part is just how effective this tool can be when used creatively.

So, Facebook ads are PPC or ‘Pay Per Click’. That means that you only pay when someone actually clicks on them. No clicks? No expense.

You also get to set what your maximum expenditure per click will be. This is your ‘maximum bid’. By choosing this number and by knowing your ‘CLV’ (customer lifetime value), you can calculate your campaign to make sure that it is only ever profitable. You never pay more for a visitor than you know each visitor is worth to you!


CPA is Facebook’s ace in the hole. This is ‘Cost Per Action’, meaning that you pay only when someone takes a certain action. For example, this might mean that you only pay when someone likes your Facebook page.

Now you are paying only for people who you’ll be able to communicate with for years to come – making this a highly worthwhile way to spend your money. CPA can also mean paying only when someone installs your app, when they watch your video or when they redeem a special offer. There is endless potential here!

8 Ask Nicely

Here’s a way to get more traffic that you might not have considered… ask nicely!

What am I talking about? Simply be real with your visitors. If you write a blog post, ask the people who are reading to consider signing up for your mailing list, to make sure they check back next time or to share the post with their friends. The same goes double for videos – tell them to follow you on social media or to visit your site.

Doing this is a fantastic way to get people who appreciate your content to show their appreciation!

9 Use Remarketing

A powerful alternative to Facebook Ads is Google AdWords. AdWords is another form of PPC advertising but one that shows up on the SERPs.

Well, one of the most powerful features of AdWords is the option for ‘remarketing’. This means that you are showing your ads to people who have already been to your site and one of the most powerful ways to use this, is to show your ads to people who have lingered on your buy page but not actually bought from you. This is possible thanks to cookies.

It’s incredibly powerful, so try it out!

10 Challenge Objections

Remember: remarketing is completely different from conventional marketing. In particular, your aim here is not to convince people that your brand is great or to get them to pay attention. They’ve already done that. Instead, your aim is to get them to buy when they didn’t before.

Thus, your ad text needs to be different and one good strategy to focus on, is trying to convince people to overcome the objections they had for buying from you. Perhaps they didn’t buy because they didn’t trust the quality of your product? Then tell them about the money back guarantee!

11 Think About Your Thank You Page

Your thank you page is the page you show after someone has bought from you. But you know it’s also something of a dead-end at this point and could lead to lost traffic. What you need to do then is to keep the interest going by including links here or better yet, another call to action!

12 Swap Thank You Page Promos

You can also team up with other influencers to get better value from your thank you pages. The aim here is to post a link to their site on your thank you page, in exchange for them doing the same thing. If you both swap your links this way, then you’ll be sharing visitors that are interested in the same topic and that are potentially willing to buy.

13 Post on Reddit

If you’re looking for a great place to post your links to gain immediate views, then Reddit is just such a place. Use a good title and make sure that the content lives up to the hype.

With luck, this can then result in your links getting shared on other platforms and your post being ‘upvoted’ to the point where you get massive exposure.
14 Post on Google+

Google+ is powerful for the same reason that Reddit is. Whereas Reddit lets you post in a specific category known as a subreddit, Google+ has a ton of great communities where you can share your content and get +1s. These are also thought to help your position in the search rankings!

15 Be Active in the Community

When you post on these sites, you will risk having your post downvoted or even deleted. Why? Because if they’ve never seen you before, then this just looks like spam.

What’s highly important then is that you actually offer something in return by contributing actively to the community.

16 Have a Strong Brand

A strong brand is a powerful tool for promoting your site on its own and it a pre-requisite for all other forms of marketing and growth hack to work. That’s because you need a strong brand for people to feel excited in your brand and interested in it.

17 Know Your Persona and Write for Them

Don’t try and make content that everyone can enjoy – this is a surefire way to become bland and to make sure that no one is interested in your site. Instead, create content that is particularly well-suited to a very specific type of person.

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