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When I first got into this industry one of the biggest problems I had was driving traffic to my sites. I had no list and didn’t have enough money to gamble with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

So I needed a way for me to somehow reach my targeted audience in the masses. There are millions of people out there who will buy your stuff but the problem is they just don’t know your selling it. After doing some research I discovered a little known method of reaching hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people who were targeted to exactly what I was selling.

Basically what happens is you will pay a fee to send out an email ad to a person’s subscriber list. The best thing is they are laser targeted to your market. Like I said above I recommend you sell products in the “Make Money” niche.

All the work has already been done for you, you don’t need to have your own list of 100,000 people to make money online you can just pay to advertise your stuff to someone else’s list.

You can take advantage of large networks who collect subscribers on a daily basis through multiple forms. The majority offer some type of ezine and/or newsletter. Also they are all opt-in lists, which means you are not getting junk traffic you are getting people who have subscribed to receive information about making money online.

These are the best types of subscribers because they actually read the ezines and newsletters they subscribe to, they are actively interested in the industry and want to learn as much information as they can. This is terrific for us, especially now since the world is facing an economic meltdown more than ever people are turning to the Internet to try and make some extra cash.

Email advertising is the most effective form of advertising money can buy and it’s easy to see why when you look at all the laser targeted lists out there who are just waiting to read your offer.

The really cool thing is this is pretty much an un-tapped resource. The reason is that people are uneducated on the topic and just assume it’s a scam. That is in part due to the actual scams out there that promise millions and millions of visitors for 5 bucks or something ridiculous like that.

But that’s not what we are talking about here, those are just fake computer generated hits. For some reason purchasing ads in ezines and newsletters gets bundled in with that other crap. But really it’s a win – win situation because it just means less competition for us.

I mean seriously think about it, when I first started just a year or two ago with no list and no big name contacts I was able to generate more money in a single week than most people do in a whole life time. I went from starting with nothing to having it all in record time because I was able to leverage other people’s lists and reach a ridiculously large amount of targeted people.

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