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Your yard is an extension of your home. You want it to fit your style, needs, personality, and values. For example, you might enjoy a modern style or a more artisan style. You may have an abundance of money to spend on your yard or you may be working within a budget. You may also care about reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. There are lawn and garden ideas that fit every budget, style, personality and need.

Over the course of this report we’ll take a look at ten different lawn and garden ideas that use recycled items.

#1 Pallet Garden

Pallets are all the rage right now. You can make everything from a coffee table to a house with pallets. So why not hang a pallet garden in your yard? You can mount it to your fence or to the side of your house. They make excellent focal points and if you plant herbs then they become multi-functional.


For this DIY lawn and garden craft you’ll need:

• Pallet (you can often find them stacked behind warehouse stores and supermarkets)
• Hanging hooks or a means to hang the pallet from your home or fence
• Soil
• Plants landscape fabric
• Chicken wire
• Staple gun


Back the pallet with landscape fabric. You’ll want to overlap it a bit so you can staple the fabric around the edges of the pallet. If you’re concerned about the fabric ripping, consider doubling it up.

The next step is to staple the chicken wire around the back of the frame. Again, overlap the edges of the pallet. Cut off any sharp points. Hang the pallet where you want it to be placed on your fence or wall. You might find it’s easier to add your plants when it’s hanging. If not, then lay it on the ground and add your plants.

Place your soil in the holes in the pallet and position your plants as you wish. Herbs work very well for a vertical garden. Succulents are also nice and you can really pack succulents in to make a full board of greenery. And hanging plants are nice, too.

Plan out how you want your pallet to look before you begin adding plants. Water the pallet after you hang it up. If you do add your plants to the pallet before you hang it, get a friend to help you hang it as it’s going to be heavy. Keep it watered and enjoy.

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