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Table of Contents

Building a Personal Brand . 8
Content Marketing 9
Advertising . 10
Viral Videos …. 10
Extra Value 11
Marketing Materials . 11
Creating a Brand 14
Decide On Your Tone and Niche … 16
Your Plan … 16
Creating a Professional Looking Video Without a Camera 20
How to Create High Quality Video With a Camera … 23
Creating Your Titles 31
Getting Likes .. 33
An Introduction to YouTube SEO … 39
More Optimization Tips …. 40
The Best Ways to Interact With Your Fan Base …. 41
What Are YouTube Ads For? …. 44
How it Works .. 44

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YouTube is simply put one of the most underutilized platforms on the web when it comes to digital marketing. Not only is YouTube the second biggest search engine on the entire internet but it’s also the best place to engage in video marketing – which just so happens to be an incredibly powerful tool for persuading audiences and generating clicks and conversions.

Just think about the impact that video has on you in your own life. Whenever we try and engage in a conversation with a TV in the room, most of us can’t help but stare at it. And when we start watching a random documentary at 1am in the morning, all too often we’ll end up staying up all night to watch it to the end.

With written content, we digital marketers are often fighting a losing battle to try and hold the attention of audiences who are over saturated with marketing messages, adverts and other media vying for their attention. With video on the other hand, it’s the user who struggles to look away. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to deliver a powerful message that will help you to build your brand and increase your following.

What’s more, YouTube also offers many of the advantages of social media marketing – it gives you a way to build a following that you can market to in future and it allows you to leverage your connections through influencer marketing and other strategies. But unlike Facebook or Twitter where there’s a large element of luck involved, success on YouTube is all about having something interested to say and a unique way to deliver that point. If you have something unique and interesting and you know how to package it, YouTube can deliver you almost guaranteed success.

The only downside? YouTube success involves a little more work than some of the other strategies you might have tried in the past. With this e-book then, you’ll have your blueprint for success. As long as you are willing to execute the steps herein, you will be able to build a huge following and influence them as with no other strategy.

Before we begin getting into the advanced techniques and the nuts and bolts of YouTube, we’ll first take a moment to look at the basics of how YouTube works and what it has to offer.

Most basically then, YouTube is a website that allows users to upload videos from their computers so that they will be hosted online. They can then embed said videos on their websites or direct traffic and visitors to them without putting strain on their servers.

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