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Living Green…3
What Is It?..3
Why Is It Important?..4
Cardboard Boxes….10
Metal Cans…….12
Your Home….16
The Kitchen……17
The Bathroom.22
The Bedroom…25
Food – Getting Green and Getting Healthy…27

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Living Green

What Is It?

What exactly is green living? Really, it comes down to one basic idea: the earth’s resources need to be replenished at the same rate that we’re using them. That means caring for the environment by taking steps to save it.

If you start to look at all the different kinds of resources we have – fossil fuels, lands, wildlife, forests, oceans, and air – you can see that everything is interconnected. Since that’s true, what we use today impacts what we have available for use in the future.

Going green is about making different choices, choices that will make us and our planet a better place now and for generations in the future. We have a window of opportunity that we can use to start healing and repairing and restoring our ecosystems, from oceans and rivers to rain forests and grasslands.

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