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If you are ready for 2011 to be your year then turn off all the distractions and read every word of this report right now. Not tomorrow or later this evening. RIGHT NOW!

There are very few ways to make a full time online and the #1 way to do that is to BUILD A LIST!

I will go out on a limb and say that isn’t the 1st time you have heard that either. You know you need to do it and I know you need to do it.

Having my own list (and creating killer products) is the reason that I never have to worry about money. I literally have the ability to push a button and get a lot of cash on demand! If you don’t want to create your own products then that is fine as well.

You can make a damn good income just by promoting other peoples products as an affiliate. It is definitely less headaches because you don’t have to do any customer service.

Another thing I want to point out before you think of building a list in the IM niche. It is as cut throat a niche as you can ever imagine!

There is a ton of money to be made in a ton of other niches and this method will actually work better in niches that aren’t IM related because you will have a more captive audience that isn’t being bombarded everyday with the next new “Shiny Object!”

Now that’s out of the way let’s dive into this method and get our hands dirty.

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