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Welcome to Lesson 1 of Ground Zero, the little 7-day course that will impact your business. Before you begin, print out this email so you can highlight, underline and take notes. Then put it in a binder where you can easily refer to it again and again.

In today’s lesson we’re going to look at a critical part of your business…you. Before you even turn on your computer, you have to get your head in order. Here’s where to start:


The way you think, directly affects the results you’re going to get from your business. If you look at your business as a Mickey Mouse hobby, you’ll make a Mickey Mouse income. If you treat your business as the professional entity that it is, you’ll find your income will begin to match your expectations. Although it may seem like psycho-babble to you right now, the way you think and view your business has a huge effect on whether you can actually buy your shiny yellow Corvette or whether you can only afford the gas.

Here’s your new mindset: You are the President and CEO of your own online company. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person in your company and your company consists of a 10-year-old computer sitting in the dusty corner of your bedroom. No one online knows or cares about your office or your company, only about what you can do for them. Provide them with what they’re looking for and you’re on your way to a professional online income.

Next, take a realistic look at what you want to achieve. It’s easy to see the success stories online and get caught up in the excitement of making $40,000 in 2 weeks, but look behind the scenes to see what actually happened to achieve those numbers. Most likely there was a lot of groundwork that went into creating that kind of result. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy money. The money is there, but it takes some work to get to it.

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