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Hi, I am Derrick Van Dyke and in this video series I want to take you through the entire process of launching a five figure WSO. So let’s get started!

Why do a WSO in the first place? The Warrior Forum has a page rank of five and it’s got an Alexa rank of 148 and at any given time, well at the time of this video actually, there were 39,772 people logged into the Warrior Forum. So that’s a lot of exposure for your WSO – especially if you launch it at the right time.

If you sell your product through the Warrior Forum you also have an automatic affiliate base of 1000’s of people, who will promote your product. We had 107 people sign up to promote WP Optins and we only invited about 20.

So, you get free traffic from the Warrior Forum you get free traffic from affiliates and if you make “WSO of the Day” you get a lot of traffic from Mike Lantz, who will promote your WSO to his entire list.  Now my first WSO got “WSO of the Day” and that’s one of the things that made it explode to $78,000 in the first few weeks.

Another benefit is that you can make money. Now, you can make money on the front end, unless you pay 100% commission, and you can also make money on the back end. Okay, if you have an upsell, let’s say…you do your front end for 100% and upsell for 50%. You can make money on your back end and you can build a buyers list and make money on affiliate products that you promote. And of course, your affiliates don’t get a cut of that because; you are promoting other products as an affiliate to that list.

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