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Congratulations on purchasing the Global Ebooks guide to Sports Arbitrage Investment. I have underlined the word investment because it is vital that you understand this is NOT gambling in any way. This guide will show you everything you need to know to produce a regular income from a very profitable loophole that has been brought about by the internet and the masses of online bookmakers that have (and continue to) sprung up. This wonderful little loophole can never be regulated or closed down and the beauty of it is that as the internet grows, the number of opportunities that this loophole will make available will multiply.

Of course you do get details of 2 websites that will actually show you a list of available arbitrage opportunities on a daily basis but please read this book through from start to finish before starting to trade. Knowledge is king in anything and everything that we do, and this particular knowledge will help you to achieve a very good income source everyday for as long as the internet is around. A list of trades is very valuable and will save you a lot of time once you understand the mechanics of what we are doing here. However, once you know how to calculate arbitrage opportunities yourself you will be able to spot a whole world of investment opportunities that may not be listed on the websites. In addition, there are certain times when you should not invest your money and this comprehensive guide will give you every tip, trick and secret weapon you will ever need to be successful as a sports arbitrage trader.

You have made an incredibly positive step by purchasing this guide – I wish you every success in your sports arbitrage career.

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