Work At Home Options – Auctions: Selling Online Via Ebay Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
1 Finding Product to Sell 4
Drop Shipping Basics 4
Finding Good Manufacturers And Wholesalers To Do Business With 5
Where To Look 6
Avoiding Scams 8
Foreign Or Domestic? 9
Types Of Sources 10
Type of Goods Available for Drop Shipping 11
Determining the Quality of Dropshipped Goods 13
Determining Shipping and Customer Service Quality 13
2 Managing Auctions 15
Creating Effective Auctions 15
The Look And Feel Of A Good Auction 16
Out-Maneuvering Your Competition In Saturated Markets 16
Value-Added Product 17
Bonus Materials 18
Staying Current With Auctions 18
Pulling Poorly Performing Auctions 19
Making Sure You Get Paid 19
3 Advertising 22
Search Engine Optimization and Auctions 22
Informative Articles 23
Good Pictures 24
Leaving Your Calling Card Everywhere 27
Link Trading and Networking 27
4 Shipping 29
Letting Someone Else Ship 29
Handling Backorders 31
Fair and Profitable Shipping Charges 32
Doing the Shipping Yourself 32
Labels And Addressing 32
Safe Packaging 33
Shipping Providers 34
International Shipping Extras 36
5 Monitoring Sales Progress 38
Metrics and Reports 38

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Finding Product to Sell

Now that you’re all set up to sell, you need to find the product to sell. This generally takes place in 3 basic steps:

• Research the market segment you’re interested in

• Find manufacturers or wholesalers that can reliably dropship product for you

• Select a few suitable products to sell that conform to your selected niche market

Of course, there’s a great deal to each of these steps, but it is very important that you take them in order, being very careful not to skimp on the first two. There are no fast and easy steps to researching and planning your business. By doing careful planning and research at every step, you can avoid the most common pitfalls of dropship selling.

Drop Shipping Basics

The basic premise of drop shipping is that you (and many others like you) are acting as a distributed sales force for manufacturers and wholesalers who either cannot or don’t wish act as retailers. You will become virtual distributors for them, while they handle the physical order fulfillment and shipping, only. As such, dropshipping is lucrative for everyone involved.

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