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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Discipline Basics
Chapter 2:
Treating Others With Love And Respect
Chapter 3:
Being Grateful
Chapter 4:
Expressing Yourself
Chapter 5:
Get Out Of The Past
Chapter 6:
Manage Material Objects
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Being Persistent
Chapter 9:
Don’t Define Yourself By Mistakes
Chapter 10:
Benefits Of Knowing What Deserves Attention

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Chapter 7



Did you ever try keeping a personal journal? If this idea is new to you, then, you will surely be more motivated to keep one once you have finished this chapter and learn the wonderful benefits that journaling has to offer.

The Perks of Keeping Your Own Journal or Diary

For hundreds of years, journaling has already been around and a staple part of the lives of the people from different countries. In fact, it was through the personal diaries that information regarding governments and countries was discovered, together with the people that lived during certain time periods. Today, journaling has become a way for people not just to express themselves but also to learn more about themselves. By keeping your own journal, you are also going to experience a lot of benefits, especially when you write it on a regular basis.

For starters, journaling will help you in clarifying your goals in life aside from allowing you to write down your ideas and achievements. With your journal, you can clearly see the steps that you take towards reaching your goal while simultaneously giving you the chance of seeing the exact point where you stand and how much further you still need to go for your goals to be completed.

Journaling can also help in making your life simple. Many people tend to make their lives more complicated than what it needs to be. There are a gazillion of things that have to be completed every day but if you will take some time to sit down and write on your journal, you will be amazed how you will start seeing the things that really matter in your life. Write down in your journal the values that you believe in and think of things that you are thankful for in your life.

Journals also have this amazing power of making you express what you feel about your relationships and your life as a whole. By keeping a journal, you can have that private place where you can vent out the frustrations that you have with your relationships. Journaling gives you the chance of realizing why you feel bothered by a person’s certain aspects and how you can change the way that you handle specific situations. Your journal will teach you how to love with more conviction and power that can make your relationships clearer and definitely much stronger.

The last but definitely not the least, journaling allows you to get to learn yourself even better. You can discus about your values, morals as well as other beliefs. Through this, you can clarify your own stand on particular topics and at the same time, you can also express yourself in a clearer manner. If someone happens to ask you about one controversy or topic and what your thoughts about it are, it will be easier for you to lay down your opinion in just several seconds, which will then make you as someone who knows yourself well in the eyes of other persons.

Chapter 8

Being Persistent


Was there ever a time when you simply refused to go on just because you failed once? Did your feelings ever interfere with the decisions that you make in your life? Are you someone who easily surrenders after just a single mistake? Well, you probably lack persistence if you answer all these questions with a yes. Being persistent is a must in this game of life and in this chapter, you will get to know more about this much needed trait that you should start to develop.

Persistence and Its True Value

Persistence refers to a person’s ability of continuously moving forward whatever your feelings might be. Persistence is when you push on just when you feel like you want to throw up your hands, surrender and quit altogether. Persistence is the combination of desire and will power, the urge to get there, no matter what happens. Being persistent is having steel determination.

Imagine how your life is going to be if you are persistent enough to do, be and have all the things that you want. Well, this can sound a bit farfetched but it surely fun to try.

Whether they admit it or not, there are simply a lot of people who easily give up at first sign of opposition and adversity and only a selected few choose to go on until they reached their goals.

Being persistent is not something that you get from holding on to the past. Instead, it comes from the vision that you get of your future. It is important to keep that burning desire in you for this vision to be real, pushing you to give everything just so it can be possible.

Once you start with a certain task, things may move rather slowly but if you are persistent, you can accomplish the job and move on to the next step. Every accomplishment you make will build up on one another, with you becoming an expert every step of the way.

Persistence and its value stems from keeping your eyes on your target, even when you reached the lowest low and when the whole world seems to go against you. Persistence is when you still manage to stand up and face the challenges.

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