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For each of the things that you listed think about how having these things in your life will make you feel. Write down the feelings that you experience. This is not difficult to do but it is vital in determining what you really want. You need toprioritize your list so the things that provoke the strongest feelings within you are at the top.

If you do not have particularly strong feelings about any of the things that you wrote down then go through the exercise again and use different questions. It is critical that you find those things which really stir your emotions so that you can move forward.

Now that you have your shortlist of things that you really want it is a good idea to look at them again and choose a maximum of 3. This is because each one is likely to require some significant effort and a real change in your thinking to achieve them.

So for example if one of the things that you really want is to start your own business and earn a significant income then you can do this at the same time as losing weight and exercising. If you take on too many things then you are unlikely to succeed with any of them.

In the next chapter we will be showing you how to turn these things that you really want into goals that you will strive to achieve…

Congratulate yourself because you now know what you really want which puts you in an elite group which represents only 1 –3% of the population. You should feel really excited now because you finally have clarity. Clarity is power and now we are going to take this a step further by turning the things that you want into actionable goals.

Just having a list of goals is not much use. OK it is better than not having any goals at all but that’s about it. How many times did you set yourself New Year’s resolutions and failed by the third day in January? It’s OK because the vast majority of people do this.

The main reason is that people say things like “I will lose weight next year” or “I will earn more money next year”. The trouble is with these statements is that they are not specific. If you lose half a pound of weight in the next 12 months then you will have achieved your resolution. But is that what you really meant? Probably not!

The other thing that is missing here is strong emotion. You have got to know “why” you want to achieve these things. What is your real reason for losing weight? What will you do with the extra money that you make? How will these things make you feel?

So for example if you want to attract your ideal partner and you believe thathaving a slim and sexy body is the way to do this then think about how you will feel when you attract your ideal person? How strong are these feelings? You must have a strong reason or reasons for achieving any goal. If you don’t then you are very unlikely to achieve anything.

Your goals have to excite you. The level of excitement needs to be so great that you actually experience pain if you do not follow through on them. So we are going to provide you with a method to set your goals that will make you so excited you will be bursting to get started on them!

By using this technique correctly then you will increase your confidence and self esteem. You will feel energized every time you read and think about your goals. When you set goals using this method it
will help you to discover your strengths and weakness and you can work on these to achieve what you really want.

SMART FOR ME Goal Setting

So are you ready to write down your exciting and highly passionate goals? Good so get out some paper and a pen so that you can get started. If you keep a journal then record your goals in there. Don’t use a computer or mobile device to do this. There is something about using a pen and paper to record your goals that is really empowering.

Once you have written your goals and you are excited about them then you can use a computer or mobile device to copy what you have written. But the initial goal setting must take place using a pen and paper. When you are writing your goals do not concern yourself with how you are going toachieve them. We will cover this later.
OK so let’s explain the SMART FOR ME goal setting method. You may have heard about setting SMART goals before. This is an excellent technique that has been around for a long time and many people recommend it. We aregoing to use this and add some extra elements to it to ensure that your goals set you on fire!

Here is what the SMART goal setting process is all about:

Specific–you must set specific goals. What exactly do you want to achieve? Don’t just say that you want to lose weight or earn extra money. Be specific about how much weight you want to lose (e.g. 30 pounds) or how much money you want to make (e.g. $100,000).

Measurable–it is essential that you can measure your goals so that you will know how well you are progressing. So with a weight loss goal you can step on the scales periodically to see how well you are doing. For earning more money keep a record of your income every month.

Attainable–this is all about totally believing that you can achieve the goal. We believe that you should go for whatever you want but if you are in your mid fifties and a bit overweight then being the next Olympic gold medal winner in most disciplines is not going to be attainable for you. Neither is making a million dollars over a weekend.

Realistic –is the goal you have set realistic? Do you have the resources, money and skills to achieve it? We are not asking you to limit yourself here but you must keep it real. You are not going to lose 30 pounds in a week nor are you going to learn to speak another language fluently in a short period of time.

Timed –there must be a deadline for each of your goals. This is pretty simple to understand. Choose a time frame to achieve your goal. Is it 3 months, 6 months or a year? These are allshort periods of time.

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