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Chapter 3: Making It

So, you may be asking yourself “can I really make my own product?” Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most successful product vendors probably wondered the same thing at some point in their past. You’ll be surprised by (and very satisfied with) what you accomplish when you put your mind to it. Let’s start with written products.

Written Products

So, writing is one of the simplest, most straightforward methods of product creation. If you’re making an eBook and you’re comfortable writing it yourself, spend a few hours brainstorming what you’ll be writing. Make a list of every topic and sub-topic you want to cover and be sure to jot down any random thoughts about points you want to emphasize. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to shape it into an outline. This is where you’ll bring some order and organization to your written product and eventually you’ll nail down things like chapter divisions and subsections.

Once you’ve gotten an outline laid out, it’s time to start writing. Two of the most common areas for people to encounter writer’s block are the introduction and the conclusion. If you notice you’re staring at the same blank page or half-written first sentence after a while, just skip the intro and start writing the “meat and potatoes” of your ebook. Usually you’ve already got a good idea of what you’ll say about specific topics and subtopics so it’s often easier to start by knocking these out and there’s nothing wrong with doing it this way. You’ll want to pay close attention to basic grammar and writing quality here. People have seen plenty of hastily written garbage and you want to make sure your writing sticks out as different and worthy of their time and money. When you’re finished writing, be sure to either proofread it yourself a few times or have someone else proofread (a fresh pair of eyes is best).

Finally, once you’ve got your text completed, you’ll want to make your eBook look awesome. There’s a few ways to do this. Firstly, decide on a good-looking font for your body, chapter headings and subsection headings. Then, consider adding images or photos throughout. Lastly, you’ll want to make the pages themselves look unique. You can either add unique frames/borders or header/footer art and background images/patterns inside of your word processor or you can use a more advanced program like Adobe InDesign to create a truly professional look. Alternatively, you could acquire a sleek, pre-designed template from a site like Envato.

Video Products

Video products are a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, they can be quicker to make than written products. On the other hand, they’re usually a little more complicated and the software and equipment involved can often be intimidating to someone who hasn’t done video before. That said, they are still worth it because videos are seen as considerably more valuable and attractive than textual products. There are a few different types of videos you can do with varying degrees of complexity and equipment requirements.

First, there’s the slideshow presentation style. This can be accomplished using any slideshow software. A script isn’t strictly necessary for these videos but may make the presentation sound smoother. Unlike eBook writing, where an outline is just the beginning, for slideshow videos the outline is pretty much all of the content! Just narrate the presentation and export it to a video file using your slideshow software or you can just use screen recording software to record your presentation. Sound quality does a lot for perceived value so ensure you’re using a quality microphone like Blue Yeti or something similar. To add an extra layer of perceived value to these videos, break from the black on white mold and use a unique background of some sort as well as some images. But here’s an expert hint: resist the urge to use all sorts of whacky transitions and animations. Newbies tend to get excited by all the animation and transition options in these slideshow programs and end up going crazy with them but it comes off as cheezy, cliche, and amateur. If you want your presentation to look clean and professional, stick to fades and “slide in” type effects.

Next there’s the screen capture style video. This is generally an over-the-shoulder type presentation in which you record your screen and teach how to do something specific. In this case there’s usually not a need (nor an opportunity) for a script, but you do want to at least have a general outline of what you’re presenting and go through the whole act once or twice to practice and avoid awkward pauses or mistakes. There’s several screen recording softwares out there from high-ticket options like Camtasia to free ones like Jing. Some affordable middle-ground options are Snagit and Screencast-o-matic.

Finally, there’s the talking head style. This is literally you in front of the camera. This is obviously the one people tend to shy away from the most. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to be on camera and sometimes it’s because they don’t want to worry about cameras and equipment. The fact is, when done right, talking head videos can be super effective at generating trust and brand loyalty, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you are doing a talking head, make sure you use a good lapel mic so your sound quality is good. Also ensure lighting is optimal and either memorize your script or use an excellent teleprompter or teleprompter mobile app. Don’t bother with special green screen backgrounds or even super bright white screen backgrounds. 99% of people who mess with this green screen stuff end up wasting money and looking cheesy. A white screen is a little better and more foolproof but still unnecessary. Your office, your backyard, or your couch make a perfectly acceptable backdrop for your videos in most cases (keep it bright and clean, obviously). When you’re done shooting, use a video editor like Adobe Premiere to edit and sync the audio to the video (again, use a good lapel mic, not the camera mic).

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